Dragon Martial Emperor Chapter 14

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Regular Chapter 15 will be released by tonight or by Wednesday morning.

Chapter-14 Meets Feng Yang

Long Yu certainly knew the strength of Feng Yang. 

From an ordinary person’s point of view, he had suffered heavy injuries, and under such physical conditions, it was impossible to defeat Feng Yang, after all, he was considered stronger than Han Jian. Moreover, when Long Yu was still in the Feng Clan, he heard that Feng Yang was at the Wudao sixth layer at the time of joining the Zhentian Sect and became an outer disciple. 
But right now, Long Yu had a plan in his mind, so he, with some disciples following him, set out to see Feng Yang.  

“Junior, you are called Long Yu right?” 

That black faced Shorty leading the way eagerly accosted: “Listen, Tan Yue said that…

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