Chapter 5 – The Woman Turns

The Mustang Translator

Chapter Five – The Woman Turns

(Note: This is a sponsored release. This chapter has been sponsored by Gary Reed from USA. Thanks for showing your support.)

The woman in white was holding a sword, her agility reflected her smartness, and her movements were subtle.

Defeating a bear would require a formidable amount of strength, even if a bear managed to wrap a single paw around a man, he could instantly crush all the bones.

The woman in white seemed afraid to let the bear close, as the bear’s skin, was as hard as iron. She hit the bear with her sword, the bear backed away momentarily, but not even a single fur on its body was scathed.

As Bi Fan attentively watched, the sword in the woman’s hand flickered, he was astonished when he realized that the sword was double-edged, he knew that this woman was about as strong…

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