Chapter 4 – Tianyuan Ring

The Mustang Translator

      Chapter Four – Tianyuan Ring

Bi Fan knew that he couldn’t stay in the cave any longer, his top priority now was to find way out.

Even if he didn’t encounter any more snakes, surviving inside the cave, wouldn’t be possible without food.

The cave had only one way out, the same path from where Bi Fan had been thrown in. The path that lead to the exit was at an upwards angle of approximately sixty degrees.

Bi Fan tried to climb, but the path was extremely smooth and glossy, he realized that no matter how much effort he puts into it, climbing with his hands wasn’t going to work.

“How did I forget about Xue Ren?” Bi Fan realized, pleasantly surprised.

Just the thought of it made Xue Ren present itself in Bi Fan’s hand.

Bi Fan picked up Xue Ren and started hacking small pits…

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