Name’s NT:

I love reading novels especially Wuxia & Xianxia. I plan to read MGS all the way up to 3000+ chapters. So i thought i should just translate it and share with everyone even though later i found out that translation is a tough job. For now i plan to concentrate on MGS but i may take up other novels as well but not in the near future.

Please show your support for this translation. Its a long way to go and translation needs time, effort and motivation is a must!

Email: 1novicetranslator@gmail.com



25 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for picking MGS and just like someone already said background and font doesn’t really match.. It’s kind of hard to read.


  2. Wow just found this place. Thought wouldn’t be able to read MGS for a while. But you have already translated quite a few chapters. Thanks man, gotta get reading.


  3. Just wanted to thank you for translating this man really appreciate it and 3000 is a very big number it’s takes a equally great person to commit him self to translate a number that big for free you really are a great person 😊 good luck


  4. Hey NT, what’s your timezone? You should add that to the about area so people can guess roughly what times stuff will come out (at least there will be a 8-10 hour period where we’re like he’s probably asleep no release now)


      1. Novice immediately can you please tell us where GSM is now located at. MGS and GSI are my favorite Trans to read on your site so as a faithful reader can you please tell is 23rd it went even if they didn’t manage the first post


      2. Nope, it’s not sad, if I had kept it as a side project, you might be getting 1 chapter a week haha
        It’s good that the other group is willing to translate it.
        Otherwise it would be sad if a cool Xianxia like GSI was kept as a side project by me 😛


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