You can show your support for the novel’s translation by donating to this site. Your donation would very much help towards increasing the pace of translation by keeping me obligated+motivated to release the chapters Faster and in Larger Numbers.

Release Schedule for  MGS:-

I will release a sponsored chapter for each $ 40 received

Schedule for Regular releases:
Monday : 1 chapter
Tuesday : none scheduled
Wednesday : 1 chapter
Thursday : none scheduled
Friday : 1 chapter
Saturday : none scheduled
Sunday : none scheduled

Sponsored releases
Monday : 0-1 chapter
Tuesday : 1 chapter
Wednesday : 0-2 chapter
Thursday : 0-1 chapter
Friday :  0-1 chapter
Saturday : 1-3 chapters ‘a chance of Grand release of sponsored chapters’
Sunday : 0-1

7 days = 5 GUARANTEED releases (3 Regular releases+ 2 Sponsored releases).

Anymore chapters other than the 5 Guaranteed releases will be released as Sponsored chapters.

So the weekly releases will have a minimum of “5 guaranteed chapters per week” which may go up to “13 chapters per week” depending on the donations and my schedule.




 Thank you so much for your support!!

You can support MGS by using my donation button on

Enjoy reading this awesome novel, and like always, continue to give your bitter-sweet comments about the translation because that will very much help towards improving the quality of translation 😀

15 thoughts on “Donate

  1. If you don’t have a widget for the amount for next chapter. Could you at least update with donations?

    currently It could require anywhere between $0-25 for an extra chapter. Plus it would be nice to throw a que up so we can donate large amounts to guarantee chapters for a while like many of us do for WW.


    1. That’s a good suggestion. And i can update the donation amounts like you said but not very frequently. I generally inform immediately after the queue gets completed!
      How do i throw a queue up for many chapters? Can you explain in detail


  2. As I was about to comment about doing it manually, I saw you had already beat me to the punch.

    You can simply update it when you add chapters. So once you release the chapters you simply remove $25 from the total and add however much had been donated in the meantime. This way people can donate in $25+ amounts and it will simply add to the bonus chapters. You will also quickly find you may not be able to keep up with the donations much like FlowerBridgeToo who had to reduce weekly releases and is forever playing catch up.

    I am sure you will start to see floods of donations coming here in the near future. Myself included.

    Thank you for the hard work 🙂


  3. I bet at this moment you are realising what I meant when I said

    “You will also quickly find you may not be able to keep up with the donations ”

    haha I am happy for all these extra releases. I am happy your donations have increased and I am very happy that he changes I made on baka updates and a few sneaky references has increased the popularity slightly.

    Overall those few changes you are in a much better/worse situation haha

    I might actually have a proposal for something that could greatly benefit you. If you are interested shoot me an email


    1. You are right!
      I am so behind the schedule haha
      So you made all the changes on baka updates?
      Awesome! The MGS page looks so cool now.
      But i don’t know how your tweaked the references. Isn’t that something that depends on categories?
      Thanks for doing so much for MGS 😀


  4. So does the new schedule mean your only doing around 1 chapter a day. Thought u said u would try to increase ur chapters to 3 a day. I am not complaining I am happy if u do 1 chapter a day. Jusk asking if I understood the schedule. Or r u reducing ur weekly release amount. Or is it the same as usual.


  5. This is the second time i have become an addict for a novel. The first was Stellar Transformation, and now this (MGS). I really appriciate your hard work.


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