Genius Sword Immortal

Genius Sword Immortal

 By: Feng Yin Zi Chen


An immortal teenager takes rebirth in a metropolis, coming straight from the world of the immortals. Holding the sharpest sword, and peak speed, stealthy and flying high over the metropolis click here

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NOTE: Genius Sword Immortal is a Xianxia which completed in 1500 chapters (14 volumes). It’s  about a teenager who unexpectedly got transported to the modern world from ‘the world of the immortals’ . He found himself in the body of an ordinary guy. He wants to go back to his world and for that, he will have to practice to get stronger and investigate the reason why and how he crossed through to this world.

Table Of Contents


NT: (I had planned to take up this novel once the blog views would cross over 1 million and now that the blog views have crossed 1m, i will start releasing GSI chapters in my free time.  I will keep this as a side project because i am already on a tough schedule with MGS. Chapters will be released whenever i get free time. Enjoy reading this unique legend of an immortal teenager in modern world!)

23 thoughts on “Genius Sword Immortal

    1. although what you say is kinda of true, i like how when the MC travels in another world with martial cultivation or magic or whatever. But, it’s better when the MC brings the modern world tuff into that world and makes a profit or screws with people XD


  1. are they translating it from scratch or they gonna keep he first 14.
    also does that mean that they want to translate several chapters before they go open with the project?


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