Chapter 15 – The Selection Begins

The Mustang Translator

Chapter Fifteen – The Selection Begins

As time passed, Bi Fan started taking ‘inner breath’ Dan. And now he could even practice longevity burst properly.

‘Inner breath’ Dan in the beginning had given a warm effect, which then, rapidly circulated throughout his body.

With the Dan helping him break the layer barriers, Bi Fan was now moving up very quickly.

After consuming the Dan pellets, he could feel a significant rise in his strength.

Soon enough, he could practice the ‘Dance of mist’, ‘immortal finger’, backed by ‘inner breath’ strength, practicing martial arts was now, a lot easier.

Late night, he would practice ‘blood devil’ technique, in secrecy to improve his physical strength.

Regardless of any layer, physical strength was an important thing.

Most practitioners concentrated their practice of ‘blood devil’ technique to increase internal physical strength. Some extreme practitioners would even take small amounts of poisonous substances to increase…

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