Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 – Su Menghan’s request

“You want to talk to Small bee!”

When Ou B saw that Su Menghan wanted to talk to Ye Feng, he suddenly jumped up.

Ye Feng pressed him back to his seat then stood up and said to Su Menghan: “Whatever it is, say it here.”

“You won’t dare to come out?”

Su Menghan said bitterly then extended her hand and grabbed Ye Feng’s wrist and walked out of classroom while pulling him with her.

Ye Feng now had a cultivation of five months and possessed considerable physical strength but when he saw Su Menghan desperately trying to drag him out of the class along with her, he immediately understood that something must have happened and decided to play along.

Listening to her for once wouldn’t harm him anyway.

As soon as they went of the class, everyone in the class once again started talking among themselves. What was this all about, the school’s number one beauty actually took the initiative and approached Ye Feng, and not just that, she also held his hand and ran out?

What were they going to talk about?

Today, too many news exploded and spread throughout the Yan High School! First about Ye Feng’s involvement in prostitution and getting arrested, which was shocking enough, followed by Tian Youliang actually growing a dog’s tail, and then everyone’s favorite Xiaohua, Su Menghan, actually took the initiative and pulled Ye Feng out of the classroom to talk about something!

Gossips were burning like fire and spreading everywhere. A group of people wanted to eavesdrop on Su Menghan and Ye Feng but their attempt failed when they saw the two people going all the way to the playground. The students who wanted to eavesdrop were immediately disappointed, because it was obvious they couldn’t possibly follow all the way to the playground to eavesdrop.

They still remembered the scene from yesterday morning when Ye Feng had sent the two goons flying near the school gate and they certainly didn’t want to face the same thing.

Su Menghan and Ye Feng finally arrived in the playground.

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and there was no one in the playground, so it was the most appropriate place to talk.

“Well, what do you want to talk about?”

Ye Feng walked as he asked.


Su Menghan looked at Ye Feng, the boy who had been her neighbor for a long time, but she was still not much familiar with him, and this was the first time she discovered that he was very handsome.

She shook her head because now was not the time to think about those things. She slightly hesitated then tilted her head to one side in order to avoid direct eye contact with him and said: “I brought you here to tell you that I am ready to give you a chance to pursue me, my dad is no longer against it, what do you say?”

As these words came out of her mouth, Ye Feng suddenly smiled.

He carefully sized up the school Xiaohua standing in front of him, perfect oval face, delicate features, quite an exquisite body, and in just one look, one could say that she was incomparably attractive.

If she said the same thing to other boys of Yan High School, they would certainly be overjoyed and would hastily agree without waiting even for a second. Unfortunately, she was not facing just any boy, she was facing Ye Feng.

“Sorry, I don’t have any interest in you.”

Ye Feng chuckled, shook his head and turned around to leave.

When Su Menghan heard his reply, she could not help but gawked for a moment, until Ye Feng turned away, she finally responded: “Hello!”

She grabbed Ye Feng’s arm and stopped him from leaving. Just what was this ridiculous situation and that too when she finally reached an agreement with her father, how could she allow this thing to go wrong at such a critical time?

Su Menghan thought in her heart, didn’t it seem as if she was forcing Ye Feng to pursue her? This was really too outrageous!

“Just come with me on a trip to Langfang, don’t you want to?”

She stated her true purpose.

Langfang was a city located in the southeastern direction of Yanjing city and not far away. If she only wanted him to accompany her on a trip, then it was not a big deal, at least for other boys who would absolutely agree without hesitation.

Unfortunately, Ye Feng didn’t have time to accompany her on a trip. What a joke, he’s really wasn’t interested in her then why must he accompany her on a trip?

“You will still have to find someone else.”

Ye Feng shook his head and shook off her hand and walked away. He must hurry back and discuss with Ou B about going to his house to find antique goods.

Su Menghan saw him walking away and angrily stamped her foot.

This Ye Feng, it was so hard to understand what he was actually thinking!

She had only one favorable impression of him when he rescued her in the bar street from the members of Heavenly serpent gang, other than that, he was totally annoying.

If not necessary, she would never approach one step near Ye Feng, let alone taking the initiative to talk to him. But last night, Su Xinchang made an agreement with her that as long as she maintained a good relationship with Ye Feng, then he would allow her to go to Langfang to visit her grandmother.

The woman whom Su Xinchang remarried to was a member of Xie Clan, and was a very caustic, narrow-minded and mean person and didn’t like Su Menghan one bit. At the time of marriage, she had put forwards a condition in front of Su Xinchang that if he wanted Su Menghan to stay with him, then she would never go back to see anyone from her maternal family.

Su Xinchang also thought that if his daughter went back to her maternal home then her lifestyle would certainly be inferior to her current lifestyle and therefore promised his second wife that he wouldn’t allow Su Menghan to go her maternal home in Langfang, isolating her from the family of her deceased mother.

This was main cause of friction between Su Menghan and her father.

This time, Su Xinchang finally made some concessions and allowed her to finally go back to see her grandmother, but the condition was that Ye Feng would also accompany her. How could she be willing to let go of this opportunity?

Su Menghan bitterly returned to the classroom and stared at Ye Feng then went back to her seat. Ignoring the gazes and gossips of other students, she began to think about countermeasures.

“Small bee, what did she talk about? I thought that she wants to eat you whole. Don’t tell me that she is jealous because she believes that you visited a prostitute…….”

Ou B sat beside Ye Feng and started an endless gossiping session.

“Do not talk nonsense. She wants me to accompany her on a trip to Langfang, but I don’t have spare time for that.”

Ye Feng shook his head and said as if he didn’t care.

“Accompany her on a trip to Langfang?”

Ou B felt somewhat strange about this. He was naturally an outsider and didn’t know about her family circumstances so only shook his head and didn’t say anything.

He and Ye Feng were childhood buddies and Ye Feng certainly wouldn’t lie to him.

Evening classes ended.

Ye Feng decided to go to Ou B’s house and search for antique treasures which might contain sufficient Lingqi so as to enhance his cultivation as soon as possible.

In order to avoid trouble, the two friends ran out of classroom right after the class ended. Su Menghan was hanging far behind and couldn’t keep up and looked at them angrily and bitterly stamped her foot, while they ran out of the school.

Henceforth, a rumor spread throughout the Yan High School: Xiaohua Su Menghan had developed feelings for a guy called Ye Feng!

Regarding this rumor, Su Menghan naturally didn’t mind. She thought that her father would be so happy once this rumor would reach his ears, and then perhaps she might not need that Ye Feng to accompany her when she would go to visit her grandmother. Anyway the rumor was not true, so why would she care?

Ye Feng and Ou B came running out of the school and saw three familiar fellows and abruptly stopped.

“Last time was enough for you guys?”

Ye Feng looked at the familiar three goons of Heavenly serpent gang and said loudly in a threatening manner.

Heavenly serpent gang was certainly persistent. But he could use this chance to make use of the golden leaf grass poison present in a small medicine bottle in his pocket.

Ye Feng had planned to first visit Ou B’s house, then he would think about this Heavenly serpent gang matter.

Ye Feng and three goons of Heavenly serpent gang once again confronted each other near the school gate and the scene attracted the attention of many people who were expecting for this to happen sooner or later.

But the next scene totally stunned them all.

They saw that the three goons arrived in front of Ye Feng and shouted in unison: “Elder Brother Ye!”



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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    She should have just explained why she wanted him to come along. It probably wouldn’t have worked but it certainly would have worked better than just bossing. I hate when women do that though – manipulate and scheme when just bring forthright and honest would work. Oh well…

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  2. it seems like i need to give up on this series for now, even now series is as good as ATG. But translator too much focused on Martial god space which is kinda of frustrating. i cant blame him bcoz thats is his preference .i can only pray for him to give some more time to this awesome novel. anyway thank you for the hardwork . pls dont take it as an offence


    1. Don’t worry, I got busy with real life problems right after making GSI a main project. But now that I am back, I am trying my best to follow the release schedule for both GSI and MGS.

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  3. @Novice Translator….i understand that it is very hectic for you translate series at a time. so why dont you add some more people into your crew for Genius Immortal Sword ?(If you need more people i can arrange them for you )

    Just a suggestion


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