Chapter 10 – Longevity Burst in Practice

The Mustang Translator

Chapter Ten – Longevity Burst in Practice

“Bang!” came a loud noise.

In the middle of the forest, the two fighters had come in contact again; blood was spilling from their mouths.

The two people, who had been standing firm just a moment ago, were again pouncing at each other in duel of life and death.

Incessant fighting had tired both the fighters, they had gradually started becoming instable, and their stamina had started giving in.

Finally, the two fighters hit each other at the same time, dealt their blows, bled and fell to the ground.

The fighter with the double-edged sword masterfully pierced his sword through the other fighter’s stomach leaving his mouth open, almost as if he wanted to say something couldn’t and then cut is sword upwards at a devious upwards angle, killing his opponent.

The double-edged sword fighter’s shoulder had been split open by the machete…

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