Chapter 8 – The Greedy Imp

The Mustang Translator

Chapter Eight – The Greedy Imp

Bi Fan slowly came close to Daniu; Daniu was very frightened and tried to stay back.

Daniu still couldn’t believe that people could actually return after being thrown into the Wan Snake Cave and Bi Fan also looked as if he had undergone several changes.

Bi Fan walked closer and said: “Daniu, you threw me into the Wan Snake Cave; you never thought that I would be able to come out of it. I was afraid and helpless, so I secretly vowed, that if I ever survive, I would get back at you, and make you suffer a hundred thousand times more than you made me suffer.”

“Now, finally I have managed to return, so today you will suffer the first installment of your penance.”

Bi Fan was frowning, and his eyes had fire in them.

Daniu could not retreat, he couldn’t move, as…

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