Martial God Space Chapter 46

Chapter 46 – Zhang Yuntian’s challenge

Without following any special method and just relying on natural instincts, he had finally opened the world bridge. Countless Lingqi entered his body and his Houtian Zhen Qi started to condense faster compared to earlier when the world bridge was not open.

Ye Xiwen started to condense Houtian Zhen Qi into Xiantian Zhen Qi, but, how this refining process could be so simple, after all, Ye Xiwen was not in the Xiantian realm right now. He was only a Houtian realm expert so refining Xiantian Zhen Qi was undoubtedly much more difficult for him.

However, even if it was very difficult, Ye Xiwen did not give up.

Countless spirit stones started burning and the Lingqi produced started to infuse with his body. He entered the ‘Special Space’ and started to constantly direct the Zhen Qi towards building up the sea of Qi. The Zhen Qi, which was spread throughout his body, needed to be concentrated at the center of the sea of Qi, and then only it could be condensed into Xiantian Zhen Qi. However, now that he had started to concentrate the Zhen Qi at the centre of the sea of Qi, it felt as if his sea of Qi would explode anytime. He had to go all out to compress his Zhen Qi inside the sea of Qi, however, it was very painful.

Strand by strand, his Zhen Qi began to condense more and more inside the sea of Qi.

Ye Xiwen’s complexion suddenly paled with pain which was clearly visible on his face and his body was also covered in cold sweat. This was an extremely painful process! Ye Xiwen was a patient person with a strong willpower and that’s why he could constantly endure the tremendous pain, otherwise, his whole spirit would have collapsed by now.

Ye Xiwen did not give up, because he had already prepared himself, knowing full well, that this would be a difficult procedure, very difficult, in simple words, many people would have given up in the beginning itself!

Ye Xiwen did not know for how long he continued to add his Zhen Qi to the sea of Qi and condensed it unceasingly. He continued this insane procedure nonstop for a long time.

After constantly condensing the Zhen in the sea of Qi, finally, his Zhen Qi started to mutate and a trace of majestic Zhen Qi appeared in his Dantian. It was enterely different from Houtian Zhen Qi, and contained terrifying power.

Ye Xiwen opened his eyes and smiled with a look of satisfaction on his face. Finally, he had successfully condensed the very first strands of Xiantian Zhen Qi. This was the hardest first step which he had successfully completed. Now, he just needed to continue amassing Xiantian Zhen Qi by condensing his Houtian Zhen Qi one step at a time.

He looked outside the window and noticed that it was already dawn.

Ye Xiwen dined with his family and when he was returning back to his small courtyard to start his cultivation, suddenly, he heard a loud noise coming from outside.

“Ye Xiwen, come out! I, Zhang Yuntian, have come to challenge you!” A loud voice thundered from the outside.

Ye Xiwen instantly knew that trouble had finally found him.  Zhang family would not let him off so easily, after all, he had defeated their champion in just one move, and this had caused them to lose face. So, their only option was to eradicate the root cause.

Ye Xiwen went out, and was very surprised to find Zhang Yunfei outside his courtyard. He was perniciously looking at him, although, his face was somewhat pale because of yesterday’s injuries that had not healed completely. Right in front of Zhang Yunfei stood a young man! He seemed to be in his twenties, had large muscular body and looked quite handsome.

He was the elder brother of Zhang Yunfei, named Zhang Yuntian.

However, from behind, a lot of Yi Yuan School disciples had also come. When they had come to know that Zhang Yuntian, a famous expert from Zhang family had actually come to challenge Ye Xiwen, the famous champion of their Yi Yuan School, then it had suddenly aroused the curiosity of many disciples and they had immediately rushed towards Ye Xiwen’s small courtyard.

Ye Xiwen came out of his courtyard with a hint of ridicule on his face and said: “What’s wrong, looking for your father?”

“Ha ha ha!” Suddenly the crowd of the Yi Yuan School disciples gave out a loud laughter. The news about the yesterday’s fight had already spread like a forest fire inside the Yi Yuan School, so, they certainly knew what Ye Xiwen actually meant.

However, Zhang Yunfei’s face had flushed with anger and his Zhen Qi had started to leak out from his body. He looked more perniciously at Ye Xiwen, as if trying to rip him apart using just his sight.

“Less rubbish, today I will teach you a lesson!” Zhang Yuntian said impatiently, “I will break your legs and let you know what fierceness actually is.”

Then, suddenly, Zhang Yuntian moved and his figure leaped. His sword struck and a fierce Jianqi exploded in the air with huge explosive power.

The strength of late Houtian ninth stage completely broke out.

Everyone around was stunned because his sword was extremely fast, as fast as a meteor, in simple words, it had already approached the acme.

Being ranked among the top five Zhang core disciples was not just for show.

With this move, almost in a moment, Zhang Yuntian had immediately arrived in front of Ye Xiwen.

Almost in a flash, no one could see it clearly, but Ye Xiwen had drawn out a long blade from the sheath on his back and a bright blade light flashed brilliantly and obscured the sky. This gorgeous blade light formed a curtain made up of many blades in the midair. The curtain of blades, in an instant, arrived in front of Zhang Yuntian.

“Dang!” A loud metal clanging sound spread and Zhang Yuntian immediately sensed that a threatening massive strength was being transmitted from his sword. He could not withstand the power present in Ye Xiwen’s blade curtain attack, and immediately, he had been pushed back by eight steps before stopping. Ye Xiwen’s strength of ninety-nine Tigers was definitely not a joke.

“Ha ha ha ha!” Seeing that Ye Xiwen had easily blocked Zhang Yuntian’s attack with just one swing of his blade, Yi Yuan School disciples suddenly laughed out even more loudly than before.

At this time, Zhang Yuntian’s face also revealed a troubled expression.

Zhang Yuntian gave out a loud roar, and it seemed that he was preparing to attack again.

The tip of his sword danced and many Jianhua appeared in the sky and went towards Ye Xiwen to strike together at once. (NT: ‘Jianhua’ means ‘Sword flower’)

Ye Xiwen sneered and his long blade chopped out. With the speed of lightning, his long blade chopped down while cutting through the air and directly destroyed all those Jianhua.

“Boom!” A loud explosion occurred accompanied by a burst of metal clashing sound. Layer after layer of terrible Zhen Qi had instantly blasted off in the surrounding area.

Ye Xiwen’s long blade was fast like a meteor which instantly arrived in front of Zhang Yuntian and chopped out.

Zhang Yuntian was suddenly taken aback. He lifted his sword to resist, however, Ye Xiwen’s long blade had already fiercely crashed into his sword and cracks had started to appear on its surface. Ye Xiwen‘s sharp bladeqi was also stinging on his cheeks.

Ye Xiwen did not stop here and again chopped down his long blade. The current strength present in his blade had almost increased by more than half of what it used to be.

Two blades!

Three blades!

Four blades!

As Ye Xiwen’s strength had increased several times, when his fourth blade chopped down, the total power present in the attack had also increased several times.

“Bang!” Zhang Yuntian’s long double-edged sword snapped and Ye Xiwen’s long blade had already come in front of him in a flash. However, Ye Xiwen used the flat surface of his blade and advanced towards Zhang Yuntian to slap on his face.

“Bang!” The flat surface of Ye Xiwen’s blade maliciously slapped on the face of Zhang Yuntian and his body immediately flew off. His teeth had been smashed and he immediately spit out a mouthful of blood.


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    1. Yun Che from ATG, right?

      He leaves his enemies crippled to the point where they can barely move a muscle. Plus, he went on a massive massacre to the point where many major figures of a continent came chasing him down (prologue life)! How is Ye Xiwen even close to matching Che?


      1. Well if you consider both of their first public fights, you know where he made the guy in a monkey with his slaps with the art of faceslapping.


  1. Damn!!! Why did I start reading this before at least 1000 chapters had been translated haha

    I hope he takes a more ruthless approach in future. I honestly wanted him to behead the two brothers as a warning to those who came a 2nd time.


  2. Sooo glad he hasn’t pulled a Yun Che/Chu Feng and killed off or crippled everyone who tries was getting rather annoying. Guess coming from earth gives him a little less pride and a bit more common sense


  3. He is fighting the Zhang Family; do they not recognize their brothers sword and martial arts skills. This family is just to retarded. Thank you for the chapter.


    1. Firstly, he found his sword in the monkeys’ hideout and secondly, he has cultivated the martial art far beyond the guy he stole it from…


    2. The sword is from the monkeys cave and the martial art skills is a secret book only people from high up in family will recognize the skills I think the elders and the family head are the only one that are gonna know the skills


  4. Thanks for the chapter.
    He’s DEFINITELY going to kill them. Giving mercy to your enemies is inviting disaster unto yourself. This adage has withstood the tests of time. I wonder if he’ll eradicae that whole shitty little family….


  5. whaaa! this is getting more and more fun! I want to others reaction when they realize Ye Xiwen is much of a monster than they thought!

    Thanks for the chapter


  6. Well I have only started reading this LN now and I have to end the update on a Cliffy… Uggg… Anyway it’s a good story I like it a lot so thanks you for your hard work and for translating it. The story look like Xian Ni in some way.

    Thanks again. \(>°<)/


  7. Thanks!
    Hm, xiwen is still not strong enough, otherwise he wouldn’t need to fear the zhang family…oh least he beat that guy up!


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