Martial God Space Chapter 47

(NT: Sorry guys, i cannot release chapter 48 today because i didn’t get enough time to translate it completely. It’s only 60% done and it’s my time to go to bed. So, i will try my best to release Chapter 48-50 tomorrow.Thank you ‘shipereck’ for finding the suitable term ‘Main Sect’ for 总宗)

Chapter 47 – Repercussions

Famous Zhang Yuntian had been sent flying by Ye Xiwen’s blade, this result was simply very shocking, and especially for those Zhang junior disciples who had also come to see this fight. They simply couldn’t accept that Zhang Yuntian, who was like a deity in their eyes, had been unable to block even a single blade attack from Ye Xiwen.

“Brother!” Zhang Yunfei was the first to react and ran up to his brother who was lying on the ground.

Ye Xiwen looked coldly at Zhang Yunfei and said: “He is not dead, so quickly take him away from here. Our Yi Yuan School is not a place where you Zhang people can just walk in and boast about yourself. The next time you try to be provocative, it won’t be settled this easily.”

“Go back!”

“Hurry up and get out of here, do you want to die Zhang bastards?”

“Get lost! Otherwise, we can be very rude!”

Yi Yuan School’s disciples were booing nonstop. Yi Yuan School and Zhang family had not been hostile towards each other for a period of mere one or two years. It was a long lived enmity and disciples of both the schools were used to hating each other, however, both parties had similar strengths and therefore the end result was always a draw. This rivalry had continued for a long time and would continue in the future as well. However, Zhang Yunfei and his elder brother, Zhang Yuntian, had dared to provoke Yi Yuan School and both of them had suffered a bitter defeat at the hands of Ye Xiwen, who was this year’s champion of Yi Yuan School. So, this would obviously cause the Zhang family to lose face.

Everyone could see that if it was not for Ye Xiwen being merciful, Zhang Yuntian would have been torn to shreds by now.

The news about the fight between Ye Xiwen and Zhang Yuntian and the subsequent defeat of Zhang Yuntian had soon spread throughout the Yi Yuan School. Initially, many people did not trust the news, because, Ye Xiwen was only an inner sect disciple who had won this year’s championship. Although he had shown outstanding strength and had run amuck in the competition, but, he was still a rookie core disciple.

There was a possibility that he might have defeated Zhang Yunfei, because he was also the champion of this year’s competition at Zhang family and could be said on the same level as Ye Xiwen. But, who was Zhang Yuntian? Even among the Zhang core disciples, he was considered among the top five . So how could Ye Xiwen defeat such a powerful genius! This was a mystery for anyone who had not seen this fight with their own eyes.

But this fight had many witnesses and they quickly spread the news. And when this news had been confirmed by many credible sources, everyone had to admit that Ye Xiwen had truly and flawlessly defeated Zhang Yuntian.

Ye Xiwen had finally gained a true fame in Yi Yuan School. Although, he had won the competition then became a champion, but, after getting promoted to the ranks of core disciples, his reputation as a champion didn’t hold much importance in the core sect. For inner sect and outer sect disciples, a champion’s existence was truly glorious, however, in the core sect, being a champion was not a big deal. After all, the core sect consisted of the crowd from previous years geniuses, which also included a lot of previous champions.

However, Ye Xiwen’s flawless victory over Zhang Yuntian actually caused his reputation to rise exponentially. Now, his reputation inside the Yi Yuan School was on par with that of the famous geniuses from core sect.

In the depths of Yi Yuan School, ancestor’s palace hall was located. There, Ye Kongming was sitting on the ground and was somewhat frowning. In the seat above, there was a middle-aged man clad in purple robe, who seemed like an ordinary middle-aged man.

However, all the people from Yi Yuan School would know that this middle-aged man was actually the Yi Yuan School’s ancestor called Lin Zhantian. Hiding in the shadows, he held the ultimate power of Yi Yuan School’s ancestor.

“Ye Kongming, I did not expect that Ye Xiwen will become so outstanding. The last time I saw him two years ago, he was just an average disciple, but, who would have thought that in such a short interval of time, he would change so much!” Lin Zhantian said with a sigh. “His current strength is sufficient enough to put him among the top ten core disciples.”

“This is not surprising. After all, he is that person’s child!” Ye Kongming said with an indifferent look on his face, as if it was something he had always expected.

When Ye Kongming mentioned that person, Lin Zhantian didn’t say anything, he paused for a bit then continued: “I finally broke through, and soon, I will head back to ‘Main Sect ‘, but here at Qingfeng Mountain side, I recommend you to become the next ancestor!”

“You already know that I’m not interested!” Ye Kongming said.

“I know that you are not interested, however, this is the place where we all grew up, and I won’t be at ease, if I were to hand it over to someone else!” Lin Zhantian said.

“Can I refuse?” Ye Kongming said in an indifferent manner.

“You can’t!” Lin Zhantian said.

Like this, the two men continued to talk.


“Ah, you brat, I had not expected that you would even defeat that Zhang Yuntian, ha ha, now he won’t be able to show his face in public.” Ye Ruxue laughed and said.

“Fortunately!” Ye Xiwen said

“I’m back!” The door opened and Ye Feng entered while laughing heartily, “Little brother, I heard about your fight with Zhang Yuntian, ha ha, you actually beat the shit out of him and he couldn’t even retaliate.”

A tall and sturdy looking Ye Feng strode in! He was full of vigor and was clad in extravagant clothes. Just now, he had returned from the back side of Qingfeng Mountain where he was cultivating.

“This really helped me in venting my anger.” Ye Feng ​​laughed.

“What’s wrong, do you have some old grudge with Zhang Yuntian?” Ye Xiwen asked.

Ye Feng smiled coldly and said: “Yes, we had fought in the Qingfeng Mountain forest once. At that time, I had just been promoted to the ranks of core disciples. When I found a very precious medicinal herb, that bastard sneak attacked me and I almost died under his hidden weapon attack! “

Then his terrible Zhen Qi started to leak out involuntarily. Right now, he was already at the peak of Houtian ninth stage and was only one step away from breaking through to the Xiantian realm.

Ye Feng had stayed at the peak of Houtian eighth stage for several years, but, for the sake of core disciples competition this time and then to enter the ‘Main Sect’, the accumulated cultivation of all those years released at once. This is why he was able to reach the peak of Houtian ninth stage in such a short amount of time. This kind of practice was to consolidate the cultivation state and to lay a very deep foundation in order to prepare for breaking through to the Xiantian realm.

Thanks to this special cultivation style, Ye Feng had become much stronger than the other masters of peak Houtian ninth stage.

“I was planning to teach that bastard a lesson in the upcoming core disciples competition, but, little brother, you have already avenged me and it really saves me a lot of trouble!” Ye Feng did not need to pay attention to Zhang Yuntian because, now, his strength was far above Zhang Yuntian.

“Gee, big brother, you haven’t seen how third brother taught him a good lesson!” Ye Ruxue said while smiling.

“Speaking of little brother, you ought to practice and quickly catch up with the younger, and quickly reach the Houtian ninth stage, because then only you will be able to enter the ‘head school’.” Ye Feng said and scowled.

“I know!” Ye Ruxue was a happy go lucky type person and she knew how to handle her strict brother.

However, her mind was never fully focused on practicing.


Correction: In chapter 41, while translating, i got confused and mistranslated the above mentioned term. However, thanks to ‘shipereck’ , i finally sorted out that confusion. The correction is: Hua Menghan was a disciple of Yi Yuan School’s ‘Main Sect’)


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