Genius Sword Immortal Description




[Spoiler Alert!]

A Cultivation Immortal teenager takes rebirth in a modern metropolis, transported straight from the world of the immortals. Here, for the first time, he sees and faces the modern world,modern fire arms and his new life starts with an arrogant school beauty as his neighbor and a beautiful fiancee.
His journey starts in this metropolis, holding the sharpest sword, running at peak speeds, stealthily climbing the walls and flying high over the metropolis!
A Domineering and Romantic legend of this teenage sword immortal finally starts.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, School Life

Tags: Cultivation teenager, Sword immortal, Transported to a different world, Searching for answers, Romantic plot, Cool Main lead, OP Main lead, Weak to strong , Xiaohua (School beauty), Jealous Female lead, Beautiful Female lead.




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