Announcement about switch to Novelsnao

Hi guys,

Today, I thought to make an official announcement. Yes, many translators/Authors including me have come together at one place and brought our works together on

For now, I plan to keep my wordpress blog active to help all of the readers in slowly moving there. Novelsnao is still in beta phase and needs readers as beta testers 🙂

Please continue to give your honest opinions and we have already started working on a patch to fix the problems, pointed out so far by the readers.

Now that all of us translators and authors have come forward as a team, to help us along the way and give our best and most for the benefit of the community as a whole. I would request the readers to be patient and give their support while our team does its best to form a platform, dedicated to novels 🙂

It will take some time but with the support of everyone, translators, authors and readers, we will achieve it someday!

Thanks and regards



20 thoughts on “Announcement about switch to Novelsnao

  1. Its nice that there is another website for translators out there. Though just wondering …(not ignoring the “author” part in your sentence) Why is there a Fan Fiction on that website? The Gemstone chronicles. It looks weird having all these translations and this one Fan Fiction.


    1. Gemstone chronicles comes under the Xianxia, though its an original, because the story is in a Xianxia setting with cultivation and other stuff based on chinese fantasy.
      Readers who love Xianxia may be unaware of this fan fiction which doesn’t seem like a Xianxia from its name 🙂


  2. saw the announcement….
    but…bro that site has too many issues…..
    Visited there once….. after what I experienced…. not going back.
    and I totally not get how a fanfiction can be called wuxia or xianxia….I mean it’s not originally written in Chinese… so I think calling it xianxia or wuxia should be the right thing to do….come on…’s a fanfiction…not an authentic novel written by a Chinese novelist.


    1. Because Xianxia a genre, doesn’t matter who, where and how wrote it lol
      Xianxia means Immortal hero, people cultivate to become immortals using martial arts and cultivation, if a story has these elements, it will be placed under Xianxia genre haha
      So if a chinese novelist writes an Enlish original, you won’t call it original, it should be a Xianxia? lol
      Gemstone is an original which has Xianxia genre!!


  3. To be honest, I feel there is too much variety on the site. I think you should stick to a genre.

    Also, if you could find a way so that readers could follow individual series’, that would be great…

    Maybe you could make a wordpress account to show updates for each individual series.

    That way, people only need to follow the works they like and can easily link to Novelsnao (though to be honest, I kinda preferred everyone having their own site since the way things are now, if I only want to follow half the novels from novelsnao, I’d have to also follow the other half.. :/

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    1. Too much variety means too many viewers can be satisfied, its a website for novels after all lol

      We are working on wordpress follow thingy. When people come together, good things happen, do I need to put up a list here to prove that haha Unity is strength 😉


      1. It’s more about following though (for me personally). I like following the series’ I’m reading, but find it annoy when my feed also updates things I’m not following.

        (Personal opinion, not meant for offense) I liked how Nanodesu did things. They put a bunch of projects together as one group, but they each have their own separate wordpress so that a person could follow only the series they like.


  4. If the site is more fitting, it’s cool. But the theme of that site is atrocious. Every time I visit it I feel like my eyes are being attacked. What is that theme ? It looks like a military grade weapon that burns your eyes and soul. So please, do something about it 🙂 Aside from that it’s cool that you guys are grouping up, gl in the future.


  5. Honestly I thought Gemstone chronicles was really good. Same with his other novel Apocalypse now.

    I think the site is a great idea but needs refining for impurities. (Would love a dark theme as I have eye strain on bright themes :/ )


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