God of Destruction Chapter 8

(NT: Well people, here’s an annoucement for you all, I am moving MGS and GOD to a new website named http://www.novelsaga.com. I would request you all to continue reading my translations there 🙂 You will get MGS chapter 157 by night there only, Enjoy!)


GOD index


9 thoughts on “God of Destruction Chapter 8

  1. Word of Advice Current Site seems to be working fine Moving things Might Create Loads of Trouble for you with server and other etc etc things Still Good luck with Shifting Hope it works!


      1. Thanks.

        Btw, is there a way so that we could only follow the series we are reading? Cause it will also update stuff that we have no interest in…

        You know, I sound like I’m complaining… but I just want you to know that I mean no offense and am really just grateful that you are translating these series’ for us and working hard for us.


  2. I am curious as to why all of you chose to use a separate website rather than stick to wordpress since wordpress was easier to follow for readers and worked fine doing the job and was free (please don’t be offended, but I don’t get why translators like trying to get their own site rather than use the wordpress sites that are free and easy to follow). The only way to get updates from the other site seems to be by email which I find annoying.


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