God of Destruction Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – Semblance

Read here – Chapter 7


10 thoughts on “God of Destruction Chapter 7

  1. I voted yes but it’s really too early to tell. It’s pretty great so far, a kid/reincarnated thing with a ghost man who is perverted. The kid uses his darkish powers and there are supernatural things. The story hasn’t progressed to an extent where we know what’s happening so even though I like it, I’d prefer a “too soon but I like it” clicky box n_n


    1. There’s no comment box ­čśŤ
      Use it if you are unsure haha
      Yes its too soon but as I said, these votes will decide a release schedule, which actually means, the results of this pole will increase the pace of releases ­čśë


  2. When it comes to the poll, I think I like it, but it hasn’t progressed far enough to tell. I DO enjoy it, though, and I’d even like the ration of GOD to MGS to even out a bit more than currently!

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    1. The poll asks whether you like it so far, it seems you do so go for ‘Yes’.
      As I said, the poll results will increase the pace of releases, which is obviously not in my hand since its an English original and doesn’t need me to translate haha.
      Well I should be happy that I don’t need to translate one more novel since MGS needs my full focus.


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