I am alive people, gimme time, I need to recharge!

So let me be frank with you guys. As I informed earlier, I was free this whole month and planned to translate as many chapters as I can. But you guys brought up a huge challenge in front of me with such a long queue. Not to forget, a queue of 15 huge chapters is like 23 previous MGS chapters. It was unexpected!

It worked fine in the beginning, I was releasing 2 or 3 huge chapters each day and attending college at the same time.

But, in a week, it took its toll on me and I started losing interest multiple times while translating one chapter. I got fed up of translation and my mind seized. At some point, I decided to drop MGS but realized that I cannot do that because I have already taken responsibility to finish it and I cannot just ignore the support you have shown to the translation in the past few months.

I thought I should take break from translation and recharge my batteries, refresh myself. Then I will resume translation again and give a lot of chapters as  I said earlier.

A relaxed mind can translate much better and faster 🙂

So, lemme enjoy my free time with family, friends and take rest to prepare myself for the bigger battle ahead.

See you guys later 🙂



77 thoughts on “I am alive people, gimme time, I need to recharge!

  1. oh~! Then if I’m not wrong then you should have already stopped the queue and is now just recharging for the big battle! Oh~! Enjoy yourself while you can~! You’ve got a road full of difficulties ahead~! lol. Thanks for not completely abandoning it as it is quite understandable for you to abandon it with the whole workload or even pressure in it. I myself am quite surprise that you are releasing 2-3 chapters a day back then, lol. Good luck~! — don’t mind what I said. kukuku…~! 😉


    1. Well, at least these people have some “courtesy”.. Lol I’m even laughing at myself for being hypocrit. *Hypnisis on translator* You shall translate and release 25 chapter on the go when you done with your “charging”.

      *quickly run away*

      There is alien guarding him….


      Taken away by aliens…..


    2. They are wise people.
      They know if novice dropped MGS then no other group is going to take it up. It is very annoying to translate this novel with all those big explanations. Not to forget, it has 3000 chapters.
      If novice got fed up of translation and dropped it, its situation would be worse than stellar transformation.
      Just pray novice does not give up.
      Thanks novice for translating MGS this far, you are awesome.
      Take your time and have fun!!


  2. Well dropping it is also fine ,focusing on your life is much more important, it be sad for me since it’s one of the novels I follow but that’s it,but for you I know that’s the idea alone to translate that many can affect the rest of your time lol,just next time lock the donation since it’s quite unfair to the people who donated and want the chapter within the agreed time.


  3. From what I’ve observed the reason so many translators quit their projects is because of building frustrations and stress overload. My suggestion to you is set aside one day a week when you DON’T translate and just relax and recharge. Preferably a day when you’re free from college and work anyways. You’re not a machine. You need a day when you can be as lazy as you want to be. I think thats why Ren over at WuxiaWorld takes every 22nd of every month off. You need something like that to keep you motivated and your batteries charged. Translation is much harder than everyone thinks and your mental energy gets depleted quick as lightning. Take a day off, go see a movie, talk to a pretty girl (or guy), have some fun. Ignore the haters, my friend and keep up the excellent work.


  4. To keep the stress levels and frustrations down to a minimum what you should do from now on is every week set aside a day when you DON’T translate. Preferably a day when you’re off from college and or work. Make that day your rest day. Recharge your batteries, cultivate some more mental energy and just have some fun. Translation is immensely difficult more so than everyone thinks. Take a day to yourself. It’ll be beneficial to you and the translation. Don’t force yourself when you’re frustrated. That’ll only lead to your dropping the project. If you have to suspend the queue till you catch up. Ignore what the haters say, my friend. Go see a movie or talk to a pretty girl (or guy), have some fun and relax.

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  5. come on novice didnt you read ren’s reddit post?? XD i did that is why i’m personally ok with you taking a break.. cause translating novels after a while is like diggin holes, and diggin holes aint fun.. have a good rest bro!


  6. Haha..nice to get an update on your status ! Yep…take all the rest you need. I am patiently refreshing the page everyday and can continue to do so for a long time.

    Just a tip : When you state as available to translate many chapters, then make the donation queue like some sort of event…how much can you receive within 3 days or something like that. Events etc catch people’s attention more. During this time you just do a regular release.and after that do some sponsored releases approx. one per day. This will reduce some stress and also give you some free time to do your own stuff

    This is just marketing strategy from an engineer- not sure if a business person will correct me later on 😛 LOL


  7. take your time, i LOVEE this light novel i hope you don’t drop it 🙂
    wow so it was THAT stressful to translate chapters, and takes time, i always thought it was hard but then i followed a translator that sometimes at the end of the week clears the queue (16 or so chapters) in one go and was under the impression that maybe it wasn’t that bad, i now guess how did that translator feel after doing so many chapters o.O


  8. First of id like to say thanks i just ran into this novel and absolutely love it.
    I appreciate your hard work in translating it!! i will definitely be posting a link to it for my friends to find it is very much worth the read


  9. i see you are in saturation moment , be careful it can effect your breaktrough cultivation 😀
    you need a little time for swallowing medicinal pill with pure pill
    errmmm whuat the hyeck im talking about


  10. NT during your break please do not read any comments. Some readers may constantly harass you to translate more, which would dampen your mood over your break.


  11. Have a good rest! When you start translating again don’t push yourself too hard! We want you to keep translating ;), but seriously for your own good and our own good 😀


  12. YOU DARE? Hahaha my favorite line. Do what you gotta do your an MC in your own story. Dont let th tell you what to do.

    Keep up the good work


    1. Well there were some but I gave them fresh brand new novels and now they have their own novels to translate.
      You see, I have this strange hobby of digging awesome novels from the treasure pile of novels in the world of Chinese webnovels. Then I find new translators for those novels 😛
      So far, I have dug up Dragon Martial Emperor, Genius Sword Immortal and The Six Immortals.
      And I am still digging and creating new translators 😛
      Enjoy readers, the fun has just begun!!!
      Don’t worry, I am enough for MGS. I will single handedly finish it.
      I will let other translators translate other great novels! 🙂


    1. I just released a sponsored chapter which decreased the queue by 1 😛
      Well looking at the size of MGS, I will have to dig holes all the way , I have no option 😛
      The analogy applies to those who try hard haha
      I mean, if I say that I will release only 2 regular chapters and 2 sponsored per week.
      So easy!!!
      Piece of Cake!!!
      However, it will take 15+ years to finish MGS at this rate.
      I have no option but to dig holes haha


  13. No post about week ago,I think if u translating 2-3 chapter day maybe better for long run to only do 1 day/unless YOU feel like it.Then if u can do another and feel like it,just found your blog novel because MIke777ac(hardcore op) so dont no ur release schedule to sponsor chapters.I know as reader and seeing issue other novel have i rather have translator have low/reasonable release rate then try get whole lot out all time then get burn out.

    Specially being if u start translating 2nd chapter of day but u just dont feel like doing it all u can always pause,then u have head start on it tomorrow evenually be day were u get 2/day for 1-2day row the not.Anyways point is rather not see novel seem interesting from description be drop.I very much hope after seemingly recharging from release post after this one that you have tone down what u think you got give us.As readers i think we should always be happy if we get 1 chapter day or 3/week.

    Anyways on another note ur banner/header is cool but seem like it lacking so much empty space in it.Dont get wrong im huge bleach fan…..just seem lack luster.Idk how many offer to do something for ya or if u did urself.If ya did urself my bad no insult intend just anyway yea.Hope ya feel better.

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    1. I took break, been translating for 3-4 months 🙂
      I like some of the points in your suggestion, will certainly follow them.
      As a reader, you may be happy with getting 3/week but MGS has 3280 chapters, it will take more than a decade to finish it at this rate haha

      So I have no option but to release more 🙂

      Don’t worry, I will finish MGS!

      I did the banner in like 1 minute haha

      No one’s there to help with all this stuff, I made this blog, I translate, I edit…

      I do everything here 😛

      No, I am not offended, my banner really sucks, I lack the sense of art haha


  14. just notice above my post is your.Maybe should try find someone help u translate,if you can find someone is dependable and hopefully not helping someone already if u each release 1/day or w.e….only if real chinnese author or some publishing company realize if translate this shit english make some more money >.< so unfair to other 3/4+ word doesnt speak Chinese 😦


    1. Rather than helping me, they would obviously want their own novels, that way, it’s better for the whole community, you will get more novels.
      Which is better?
      4 translators on one novel or 4 translators on four novels? 🙂


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