God of Destruction Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Silent tears

Read here –> Chapter 3


23 thoughts on “God of Destruction Chapter 3

  1. The first 3 chapters are so good~ ❤ I wanna see what the forest of shadows is and what he`s going do do there – just hope it`s something related to cultivaiting, hehe 🙂
    Just hope the girl doesn`t "stumble" in him on her way home and follows him out of curiosity or something like that.. :O
    And thanks for the chapter! 😀


  2. It seem somewhat interesting. Kindoff cliche with the bullying. Next couple of chapters will probably decide wether it’s worth reading


    1. I agree, it is quite interesting. Bullying is always like that, I have seen rich spoiled girls like shia, rather than calling it cliche, I would say it’s close to what actually happens.
      This shia really reminds me of a damn bish from my high school 😛
      I am already hooked up on this one, there are so many things I want to know
      Rudra is a mystery, so is that ghost, even soumya is mysterious 🙂


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