God of Destruction Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Rudra

Read here –> Chapter 1


53 thoughts on “God of Destruction Chapter 1

  1. oh this is interesting. i was starting to get bored with the usual xanxia stuff. pretty much every novel is the same. this might be something new. looking forward for more chapters

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      1. Hah. I hope it at least gets side project status. The MC+ghost combo seems like it’ll be a lot of fun, and Soumya seems like she has potential.


  2. The old man heard his reply and sighed then said: “Sometimes, I feel that you are over matured for your age. Fine, then what are you interested in?”
    over –> overly?


      1. Contact the owners of both of them by email only they have the power to do something. I think they will filter it themselves if you dont do something i dont know.


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