Martial God Space Chapter 107

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Chapter 107 – Towards the deepest parts of Sect

After the creation of Qian Yu faction, Ye Xiwen did not participate in the faction matters and left all management works to Yan Chiling, who was obviously handling these matters with ease, as managing was a familiar task for him, as he had gained experience as the strongest disciple of the Divine Volcano sub-school.

Ye Xiwen returned to his own small courtyard, and about this aspect, he and Yan Chiling had a tacit understanding, whether these factions would thrive or fail relied on the managing qualities of its leader, and so long as the leader was formidable and had outstanding leading qualities then even with two or three members, the faction could become very formidable, but if the leader was not strong enough, then the faction was bound to disband.

At this time, Yan Chiling and Ye Xiwen were the only formidable members of Qian Yu faction but they were strong enough to hoist the flag of their faction in front of everyone.

Ye Xiwen realized that perhaps, things won’t stay so calm in the future, but since he had already decided to join a faction then he would need to become a lot stronger to back it up.

Ye Xiwen had no alternatives, and he didn’t have any escape routes as well, as he was already aware of the arrogant attitude of those other factions who would never allow the growth of a faction created by new disciples, and would use any good opportunity to crush them along with their faction!

So whether it was to protect oneself or to safeguard the future, he must strive now and prepare himself. Moreover, in his heart, a feeling of comparison had also come into being that if some people had already done it before then there was no reason why he won’t achieve it.

At present, Ye Xiwen’s strength had increased considerably compared to his strength one month ago when he had just entered into the Xiantian second stage. As he had transformed 60% Xiantian Zhen Qi, his fighting strength was comparable to or even more than that of the peak Xiantian third stage master, and now, it was time for him to have a breakthrough.

After having a breakthrough and reaching the Xiantian third stage, he would be able to easily beat a master of Xiantian fourth stage.

After making up his mind, Ye Xiwen left his small courtyard and immediately went into the direction of Gongde Palace hall.

Tongtian peak’s Gongde Palace hall looked more luxurious and elaborate and was also the role model for the Gongde Palace halls of other sub-schools.

Therefore, Ye Xiwen did not actually find it strange after entering the Gongde Palace hall. After entering the hall, first, he turned in 1000 spirit stones and converted them into 1000 points. Now his total stock of spirit stones had decreased to a total of 6000 spirit stones, but he was not sad, because he knew that there were a lot of things that spirit stones couldn’t buy, and it was necessary to exchange them for school points, but this fact could be considered as a part of the hidden benefits offered at the Main Sect.

Ye Xiwen immediately redeemed the 1000 points for a red-crowned crane that would become his flying mount for traveling. This red-crowned crane was one of the demon birds used by people as mounts and were raised in the Yi Yuan School’s Main Sect. Because of their gentle nature, good control and relationship with the rider, they had become the preferred means of transport for many disciples, and thanks to the blood of demon beasts running through their veins, these cranes could fly for thousands of miles without taking rest.

However these demon birds were naturally not cheap, and besides Ye Xiwen, only filthy rich inner disciples could afford a red-crowned crane, and this number was not more than 200 to 300 people out of several thousand inner disciples.

Ye Xiwen had chosen a tall crane standing up to more than two meters tall and it was an extremely good means for flying through the air.

After Ye Xiwen activated the control method for the red-crowned crane and used the password, it blinked once, and jumped high in the sky, and after coming to a stop, it opened its huge wings, and flew at a lightning speed towards the depths of the Yi Yuan School.

Using the control method, he could directly use his thoughts to communicate with the crane and that’s how he was manipulating the speed and direction of the flight!

Yi Yuan School was stacked with many mountain ranges and spreading across each other and even if he was so high from the ground, he could still hear the roars of countless demon beasts present on those mountains. And as he was flying towards the deeper parts of the Yi Yuan School, these roars were growing even louder. It was said that Yi Yuan School had captured and raised many demon beasts in this mountain forest spread in several square kilometers of area, compared to which, the mountain forest of Qingfeng Mountain was nothing. In the Main Sect, these demon beasts, devils and other unusual creatures were housed together to be used by the disciples for practicing.

The red-crowned crane’s flying speed was extremely fast, and he could feel its lightning fast speed, because only after flying for about half an hour, they had crossed the entire mountain range. This had made him very certain that buying a crane was certainly not a bad idea, and by paying 1000 points, he had saved a lot of time that he would have wasted by walking for several days to cover the same distance.

The crane descended on a flat land, and after Ye Xiwen jumped off from its back, it again flapped its wings and flew high into the sky, waiting for the next summon from him.

Ye Xiwen was surprised to actually hear the continuous roars of demon beasts one after the other in the entire mountain forest, and these roars were hoarse, sharp, low and deep, which could cause goose bumps to anyone who heard them. Occasionally, he would also see some disciples atop their demon birds flying in the sky.

Ye Xiwen knew that time was running out and he must break through as soon as possible, in order to face the challenges later.

Ye Xiwen didn’t hesitate anymore, and with a burst of Zhen Qi under his feet, his body dashed towards the forest like a shell, and directly entered the forest.

Soon, he had gently and swiftly passed innumerable big trees, and had entered the depths of the forest.


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51 thoughts on “Martial God Space Chapter 107

  1. Thanks for the updates! I’m so happy to be able to read so many chapters today!!
    Can’t wait to see his fight in the forest.
    Looking forward to the next chapter!


  2. I’m still confused on how this Xiantian Stage breakthrough’s work? Is it based on how much Xiantian Zhen Qi they have converted or something else? Can someone explain it to me please ~ T_T


    1. Yes, Xiantian stages depend on transformed Xiantian Zhen Qi.
      10% Xiantian Zhen Qi = Enter the first stage
      20% Xiantian Zhen Qi= peak of first stage
      30% Xiantian Zhen Qi= Enters the second stage
      40% Xiantian Zhen Qi= peak of second stage
      50% Xiantian Zhen Qi= Enters the third stage
      60% Xiantian Zhen Qi= peak of third stage
      so on….
      Also, Ye Xiwen is an anomaly as he had transformed Xiantian Zhen Qi when he was still in the Houtian realm, which was supposed to be impossible.


      1. so that means even if he has 60% Xiantian Zhen Qi currently, he is still only at peak of 2nd stage, but the question is if the Xiantian stages are based on just % of Xiantian Zhen Qi then shouldn’t he be at late 3rd stage? or do these stages also have some sort of evolution like breakthroughs which isn’t related to the % of Xiantian Zhen Qi ? or in his case he has 20% bonus since he started Xiantian realm with that extra bonus?


      2. So when MC entered the xiantian realm shouldn’t he have already been a third stage xiantian master because at that point he had already transformed 50% xiantian zhen qi?


      3. His cultivation was not at the third stage but his fighting power was comparable to the masters of Xiantian third stage. Ideally speaking, he should be at the third stage but when he got insight about transforming Xiantian Zhen Qi while rescuing Hua Menghan, he comprehended it in the ‘mysterious space’ and due to that, now his cultivation level requirements have been changed.

        So for ordinary people,
        60% Xiantian Zhen Qi= peak third stage

        For Ye Xiwen
        60% Xiantian Zhen Qi= second stage

        And~ the culprit is ‘Special special’ for teaching Ye Xiwen a bizarre method of transforming Xiantian Zhen Qi when he was still in the Houtian realm.

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      4. Sorry for jumping into this. Right when he enters the first stage he already has 50% xiantian zhen qi, so does that mean he has 40% bonus zhen qi? If he has a bonus, then does that mean when he gets the the fifth stage he would 140% zhen qi or would he cap out at third stage? (this argument assumes that he is unable to develop the next level of power, which I forgot the name of and I’m sure he can but for arguments sake)


      5. Didn’t Ye Xiwen have a break through into the second stage after converting 59% of his qi into xiantian qi? I distinctly remember him saying he was at the bottleneck of the peak of 50% reaching the second stage, thus either his breakthrough was from 59%-> 60% or was from 50%-> 51%. However either way he should have a breakthrough at 70% or 80% not 60%, unless he will breakthrough after every 10% for each stage until his cultivation evens out to the norm. Or is there a breakthrough every 10% like for Ye Xiwen 60% for early second stage -> bottleneck-> 70% for late second stage-> major bottleneck? I need to clarify for the enjoyment of this great story.

        P.S. Thanks for translating!


  3. can’t wait for the breakthrough, after that should be infighting among the same mountain peak and then with member of other peak, preferably that damn senior who’s after elder sister.
    Thank you for these chapters!


  4. First of all thank you for this glorious Mass release. But I have a question so Monday chapters 108,109 and 110 will be released (since 110 is regular and we are currently on 107)


  5. I wonder why he didn’t look for any other sword techniques.. I know the wouldn’t necessarily be as good as his New Moon technique but it would make him more flexible.

    Another thing is that he ought to had given his brother/sister the tyrant/celestial step techniques (brother/tyrant and sister/celestial step). I know neither one is perfect, but they’re still alot better than what either has, plus, the MC could fill in the missing parts quicker then they could master them.


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