Martial God Space Chapter 99

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Chapter 99 – Desperate struggle

There was an ice-cold expression on the face of that yellow-robed youth with prominent eyebrow bones.

“Since Sister Zhangsun is not willing to give up on that treasure then do not blame me for being stingy, begin!”Shangguan Xuanyi said in a determined voice.

The people of Bingdao sub-school as well as some other influential people behind him suddenly rushed towards the groups of Jade lady sub-school and Qingfeng Mountain sub-school.

Among these disciples, there were many experts of Xiantian realm and although the disciples of the Qingfeng Mountain sub-school and Jade Lady sub-school tried to resist, but the opposite party had many people and they possessed high-strength. Bingdao sub-school was a major sub-school like Jade Lady sub-school but it possessed greater strength in comparison, not to mention, the disciples of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school were a lot weaker in comparison to the disciples of these major sub-schools, with only 5 Xiantian masters including Qian Wanru and Wu Hao who had just broken through to the Xiantian realm.

Both sides clashed and a fierce battle started. Only after a moment, many disciples from Qingfeng Mountain sub-school and Jade Lady sub-school had been beheaded and turned into streamer and disappeared.

Zhangsun Yuyin and Ye Feng rushed forward to battle with Shangguan Xuanyi, the purple-robed youth and that eccentric looking yellow-robed youth.

If Ye Xiwen was here, he would be shocked to find out that in such a short time when he was away from the group of Qingfeng Mountain, Ye Feng had reached the peak of Xiantian third stage and was not a bit inferior to Shangguan Xuanyi and other top ranked masters.

Moreover, all of them were strong masters so it was hard to guess what would be the end result of this large scale battle.

Although Ye Feng and Zhangsun Yuyin were collaborating but the three strong masters of the opposite party were tough and it was too hard for just the two of them to take them.

Soon, the three masters had started to push Ye Feng and Zhangsun Yuyin in a disadvantageous situation. At this time, an anxious look appeared on the faces of the two and the reason was that they had come to realize that their combined fighting strength was inferior to that of the three masters and they would most likely be completely pressed down. They feared that soon, they would be defeated.

Shangguan Xuanyi also wanted to defeat Ye Feng and Zhangsun Yuyin in the shortest possible time, and also save power, because he knew that Yan Chiling was nearby and waiting while covetously eying them, and would most likely also enter the fray once they were exhausted.

They did not want Yan Chiling to take advantage of this conflict and the best solution to this problem was to beat Ye Feng and Zhangsun Yuyin as soon as possible in order to be well prepared when Yan Chiling would plan to make his move.

The trio had high aspirations for the magical sound flute.

The battle among these five masters was a spectacular one as all of them were skilled and possessed powerful techniques. Their battle was so fierce that it was sending shock waves throughout the battlefield, and even ground was shaking, which seemed as if their fight was inducing earthquakes.

Other disciples were also fighting fiercely but their battle strength was not at all comparable to that of the five masters, in fact, even the shock waves produced from the intense battle of these five masters was life threatening for many disciples, particularly the disciples of Houtian realm.

“Damn, these disciples of Bingdao sub-school are really shameless!”Qian Wanru clenched her teeth and said in an angry voice. She was actually fighting a Xiantian disciple and being a new Xiantian master, she was having a hard time dealing with him, “They actually joined forces with outsiders to bully us!”

When Qian Wanru said outsiders, she actually meant the disciples who had come from influential clans and didn’t belong to any of the sub-schools. They had come to join Yi Yuan School’s Main Sect directly from outside.

With respect to the disciples of Main Sect, the various sub-schools were regarded as branch schools and they would nurture strong disciples to finally send them to join the Main Sect, and so compared to the disciples coming from the outer influential forces, the disciples of various sub-schools were treated as seeds, waiting to finally sprout in the Main Sect.

But in general, over the years, during assessment examination, the disciples from the outer influential clans would form their own camp, different from the disciples of various sub-schools.

Moreover, although various sub-schools were rivals, but compared with these outsiders, they were comparatively more intimate.

That was the reason why Qian Wanru had said that Bingdao sub-school had joined forces with outsiders.

However, at this time, regrets and complaints were useless.

These disciples did not think that they would get a chance to be a part of an adventure, but in the end it turned into this, and after the news leaked out, it attracted countless people.

“Kill them all, these bastards have gone too far!” Wu Hao roared and after seeing that there were so many people on the opposite party, perhaps the disciples of these two sub-schools would have given up in the real world but it was a good thing that they were in the Huanmo territory and did not fear death. Therefore, they would go all out and fight to death but won’t give up so easily.

“Right, let’s kill these bastards who even joined forces with outsiders for their motives!” The other disciples of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school roared in unison.

The female disciples of Jade Lady sub-school also roared at this time. Although they were charming and incomparably beautiful, but were still considered the outstanding disciples of their sub-school and even after arriving in the Main Sect, the disciples of other sub-schools had not dared to disrespect them.

Suddenly, the morale of the disciples of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school and Jade Lady sub-school had increased because they had finally realized that the worst case scenario in this situation was death and even if they died, they would be thrown outside the Huanmo territory and resurrect there. Anyway, they had already cleared the assessment examination and their main motive was to enter into a good vein and for that, they needed to display their strengths and potential to the high-level personnel of Main Sect. So, even if a disciple displayed his talents in the beginning, but due to sudden strike of bad luck, he encountered an extremely powerful Huanmo and died, but there was still a chance for him to get selected by some high-level personnel.

It could be said that one month’s time allotted for the assessment examination was almost over and the exam could also be considered finished, so even if they died now, it won’t make much difference.

“Since you want to die, then I’ll give you what you want.” The eccentric yellow-robed youth said in a ferocious manner.

Obviously, if he decided to massacre the disciples of both Qingfeng Mountain sub-school and Jade Lady sub-school, then who could stop him?

The eccentric yellow-robed youth punched out towards Ye Feng. He was collaborating with the purple-robed youth to besiege Ye Feng. When facing the attacks from two strong masters, he immediately fell into a disadvantageous position.

Zhangsun Yuyin glanced towards the desperately fighting figure of Ye Feng then clenched her teeth and said: “If you want the magical sound flute then you will have to step from our corpses to take it!”

The yellow-robed youth laughed and said: “Then die!”

His terrifying Zhen Qi suddenly exploded and sent shock waves rippling through the air, which was quite terrifying.

Ye Feng resisted against him, but he left an opening, and yellow-robed eccentric youth seized this opportunity to throw a lightning fast kick towards him.

Then, suddenly, a terrifying Bladeqi descended from the sky and rushed towards the purple-robed youth.


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  1. TO,
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    It’s because of him, I stopped reading MGA.


    1. TO
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  2. Times like this I wish the posts had a time stamp and not just a day stamp to guess if it’s worth staying up to wait or sleep and check when I get up. Thanks, looks like you’ll hit 100 today (baring problems) and at least this cliff isn’t near as bad as some I’ve seen! At least we can make a good guess as to where that blade energy came from!


  3. Is there a glossary somewhere of all the cultivation ranks and stages (I think its up to Xiantian 6th stage now in the translations?), technique mastery levels (Dacheng’ realm, creative concept, etc.), and all the Qi’s (Zhen Qi, Yuan Qi, etc.). I looked up the glossary in the index, but it doesnt really have everything and it doesnt look like its being updated. I also remember something about Dao Realm or Shendao or something like that, but cant seem to find anything about that either.


  4. To,
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    but you have to agree FBT is a Sadist……


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