Martial God Space Chapter 59

(NT: Since many of you guys got impatient, so i am releasing this chapter today. Chapter 60-63 will come as a Grand release tomorrow) 

Chapter 59 – Beheading a Xiantian

Ye Xiwen’s blade had become even more terrifying when he had used the Xiantian Zhen Qi along with his blade skills. Liu had just entered into the Xiantian realm, but Ye Xiwen was not even a Xiantian expert, then how could he use Xiantian Zhen Qi so easily. Liu was shocked, because, compared to him, Ye Xiwen was more skilled at using the Xiantian Zhen Qi.

But Ye Xiwen also knew that he was not a Xiantian expert like Liu, and his ability to recover the consumed Xiantian Zhen Qi was very slow compared to that of Liu. Even if he had converted 10% of his Zhen Qi into the Xiantian Zhen Qi, but once exhausted, it would take a lot of time to recover. So, he didn’t have the luxury of having a protracted fight with Liu.

But obviously, Liu knew that this was the only weakness of Ye Xiwen, so he made up his mind to drag on this fight and keep on running until Ye Xiwen had fully exhausted his Xiantian Zhen Qi. Regarding those Zhang disciples, he simply didn’t care whether they lived or died. To him, they were nothing more than sacrificing pawns, and as long as he could attain a Blood Yuan fruit, he wouldn’t feel a thing even if they were to die.

Ye Xiwen’s long blade released a tyrannical Daoqi and his Xiantian Zhen Qi filled the air. He was not planning to drag this battle for too long and wanted to finish it as soon as possible.

Ye Xiwen’s long blade was tyrannically powerful. Just from a look, it could be seen that Ye Xiwen’s understanding of the blade skills was far superior to that of Liu, although, both of them had practiced their blade skills to the same level. Ye Xiwen’s Daoqi was similar to a storm and Liu’s Daoqi was like a flickering candle in the wind, which could extinguish any moment.

“How can you be so strong?” The youth surnamed Liu said and he finally couldn’t maintain the usual cold expression on his face and his complexion had turned pale. The existence of a Houtian expert, who could actually have an upper hand while fighting a Xiantian master, was something incomprehensible to him. He had never heard of such an incredible expert before.

Ye Xiwen didn’t care why the other party was surprised, because he knew very well that he didn’t have the luxury to waste anymore time. He needed to quickly finish this battle!

“Die!” Ye Xiwen chopped out an enlarged and extremely tyrannical ‘New moon beheader’ once again and nine blade shadows fully enveloped the youth surnamed Liu.

“How is this possible? I am Liu Zhi and I am considered as a genius! Like hell I would die in such a damned place. One day, I would enter into the ‘Zhen dao’ realm and become invincible!” The youth surnamed Liu roared and his flaming blade chopped out.

“Boom!” The blade shadows clumped around Liu Zhi, and his movements were severely constricted by the long blade of Ye Xiwen. Right then, Ye Xiwen’s eyes flashed because he realized that this was the opportunity he was looking for.

Ye Xiwen had been waiting for an opening like this and it had finally appeared. He was getting the upper hand and his plan was to take advantage of Liu’s constricted movements. His blade chopped out and several blade shadows obscured the sky where each of these blade shadows was false, but also real at the same time. He had practiced ‘New moon beheader’ to the ‘Dacheng’ realm and that had turned this attack into an extremely devastating one.

This seemingly aimless and scattered blade attack had put Liu Zhi in a very difficult situation.




A loud metal clashing sound spread everywhere, accompanied by an air-explosion. The area surrounding the two of them had become a forbidden death zone and none of the other disciples had dared to go closer.

But they did not mind those two, because they themselves were busy in fighting with each other, although, their fighting level was way below compared to the big fight of Liu Zhi and Ye Xiwen, but they still were the core disciples of Houtian eighth or ninth stage, and were fighting desperately in a life and death battle, where anyone could kill or get killed!

Ye Xiwen’s “Tyrant body technique” had also reached the first layer of the ‘Xiaocheng’ realm, not only had his strength successfully surpassed the strength of 99 Tigers, his body had also become insanely tough causing even his gestures to possess a terrifying strength.

By practicing “Tyrant body technique”, one could attain the overbearing strength of a tyrant, and even a single physical attack from the practitioner would be devastating for the enemy. By practicing it, one could become overbearingly invincible. His blade skill was already at the level of a sword overlord and he also possessed “Tyrant Body Technique”. Having blade skills of sword overlord and body strength of a tyrant complemented each other.

Ye Xiwen’s body was tougher compared to that of Liu Zhi. Even his blade skill had reached an ultimate level and was better than Liu Zhi’s blade skill. This had put Liu Zhi into an extremely difficult situation.

Everyone was watching this fight and was somewhat astonished. Ye Xiwen was so insanely strong, that he had completely suppressed a Xiantian realm master, Liu Zhi, to such a pathetic state.

Liu Zhi was extremely depressed! He never thought that a day like this would come in his life, where he would be pressed down by a Houtian realm expert.

“Missing moon beheader, the first blade!” Ye Xiwen finally played his trump and his Daoqi directly rushed towards Liu Zhi.

“Boom!” Liu Zhi’s terrifying Xiantian Zhen Qi merged with his blade, which turned into a boundless Daoqi and swept across the blade.

“The second blade!” With a lightning speed, Ye Xiwen chopped out the second blade. He constantly poured out his Xiantian Zhen Qi into his blade to form a terrible Daoqi and it swept towards Liu Zhi.

“Boom!” Liu Zhi hand began to crack under the power of Missing moon beheader because the power present in Ye Xiwen’s attack had increased to a terrifying level.

“Third blade!” Ye Xiwen did not stop and chopped out yet another blade, as if to capture the heaven and earth.

“Bang!” Liu Zhi’s blade instantly shattered under the terrifying force present in Ye Xiwen’s attack.

“How is this possible, this can’t be happening to me!” Liu Zhi yelled in a frightened voice and it seemed as if he had completely lost his mind out of fear. (NT: jīng huāng shī cuò is an idiom which means ‘to lose one’s head out of fear’)

After seeing that Ye Xiwen had chopped out the fourth blade, Liu Zhi suddenly shouted: “No, you cannot kill me, I am …”

However, he did not get enough time to finish what he was trying to say because Ye Xiwen’s long blade had already chopped out the fourth blade, and in a flash, Ye Xiwen’s terrifying Daoqi instantly split him in half and his blood splattered everywhere.

When Ye Xiwen suddenly chopped his blade, his body’s Xiantian Zhen Qi had been completely depleted in this attack. Since his inner state had not broken through to the Xiantian realm, so he didn’t possess endless Xiantian Zhen Qi like Liu Zhi. The power of ‘Missing moon beheader’ was significant and blades were stacked together and were chopped out one after another, causing the total power to reach a terrifying level, but the degree of consumption of Zhen Qi would also rise proportionally. Initially, when Ye Xiwen was using his blade attacks on Liu Zhi then his Xiantian Zhen Qi consumption was not that much, but when he chopped out the fourth blade of ‘Missing moon beheader’, then all of the Xiantian Zhen Qi present in his body had been depleted. He could not even chop out the fifth blade, and in the worst case scenario, if Liu Zhi had survived the fourth blade attack, then he would have left with no other choice but to chop out the fifth blade. And this fifth blade attack would have contained only the Houtian Zhen Qi, reducing the attack power significantly.

“You … you actually killed him!” Zhang Jingxin said in a terrified voice. He was shocked and looked unbelievably at Ye Xiwen, because he had not expected that Ye Xiwen would actually dare to kill Liu Zhi, “Do you know who he is?”

“I don’t care who he is!” Ye Xiwen sneered and said, “He intended to obstruct this competition, so he got what he deserved.”



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  1. I hate it when people make thoughtless comments based on their preferences and stupidity. you end up hurting an entire community just because you can’t keep your mouth shut.


    1. People were more upset that he kept saying how there is going to be a release only to say “not happening”

      He has done it repeatedly and people got reasonably upset.


    2. It is just better for him to not say anything about releasing multiple chapters because when people read that and then read about how it is postponed or how they are getting less than what was stated then people get upset.

      That is why he removed the thing.

      It prevents drama and everyone can then be reasonably happy.


    3. True I think some people are taking it way to seriously but with the thing removed it prevents anyone from misunderstanding what is going on and what is going to be happening.


  2. People meeds tp chills is tits if he puts the chapter up great if he dont we will get them at some point just thanks and wait.


  3. Hey just letting you know maybe you can announce just saying you won’t be releasing chapters today so people don’t have to keep checking your site so often. I know you took back the grand leases announcement but it’s really late here already I was waiting the whole day lol. Anyways letting us no chapters will come today will really descrease the burden on us. Thanks


    1. And he is still doing the grand release tomorrow I believe.

      He just removed the announcement thing since it was… well if you really want to know read the comments.


    2. If i let you know that chapter are coming today and shit happens and i couldn’t release. Then what?
      You would have waited for a whole day for nothing.
      So, don’t wait and follow the blog.
      Once i post the chapters, you will get an email.
      This is a lot easier than coming back again and again , checking and seeing nothing.
      You will start to hate me and my translations at this rate. Because you would have waited for entire 2 days for the release of one or two chapters which will definitely annoy you.


  4. There has been translators of different light novels that actually quit because leechers actually dare to insult and push for releases, which is just absurd…
    So I hope you people who are complaining understand that translating is not an easy process that take minutes, but sometime take hours, yea there has been discrepancies, but so what? if it’s not released today, it will be tomorrow, you won’t die from missing a couple chapters so stop getting your panties in a bunch and just stfu….


    1. No one is complaining or insulting for releases.

      People (like me) were getting miffed that he would repeatedly state that there would be a grand release on X day but then there is no chapters released on X day or only one chapter.

      Most of us would not mind if he even took a week long break, it was more the fact that he would often make a claim but not be able to fallow through with it.

      Which is why some of us convinced him to take down the announcement system since it was causing a bunch of drama.

      Better to just play it by ear like he did in the start, that way there is no drama.


      1. If i say i am doing a Grand release today, you will get all hyped up. If i say something came up so its getting postponed, then you will throw a tantrum haha
        You guys really know how to make things difficult for me!!
        Now, i can’t even announce anything.
        If i announce then its a problem!
        If i don’t announce, then you guys will be in the dark, waiting for the release, coming back and checking the site again and again.

        If i just announce that i am releasing a chapter today (one or maybe more chapters) but something happens and i don’t release, then you guys are gonna kick the shit out of me.

        If i don’t announce anything regarding the release then you will pester me, and constantly ask about
        “Whens it coming?”
        “Is the release coming or not?”
        “Where are you? Why haven’t you released any chapters yet?”

        There will be a flood of questions from you people.
        I am already getting tons of emails regarding why i removed the ‘announcement section’

        Now i am in a dilemma. haha

        I will try to answer some of the commonly raised questions in the emails i have received so far. I would have done this in the ‘announcement section’ but sadly, its gone now, so i have to do this here in the comment section.

        Q-1. Are you going to quit translating MGS?
        Ans: I am trying my best to translate MGS as fast as i can. I am an Engineering student so you guys can understand how tough things can be once they give sudden projects and assignments. And my professors are like ‘demon beasts’ . If i am not prepared, they will definitely eat me someday 😛
        I have already committed myself and i will translate MGS all the way up to the very end. I know you guys love MGS and that’s why i am trying my best to translate it faster, to satisfy your hunger. There are 3k chapters ya know.

        Q-2 You got your ass kicked just because you lied in the announcements.
        Ans: I didn’t lie, and why would i lie? I have no benefit from lying. I had already translated 4 chapters. If you want to read the unedited version, i am happy to release them right now. But, reading an unedited chapter is boring and you will find it very annoying to read. You won’t be able to imagine the scenes. I spend a lot of time to make the text more imaginable for you guys. I sit down and link once scene to the next, one action of a character to the action of other character; just the way author has written. I don’t just translate the story, i literally translate all the scenes that author has tried to depict in the chapters. And i also try to keep the flow of how things happened so you guys find it amazing to read and imagine as well!
        Its all about imagination!
        You will start to enjoy even a ‘non-epic’ novel if you can imagine the story and literally live with the scenes while you read.
        I wanted to release four epic chapters in yesterday’s Grand release.
        I have no problem with releasing a chapter with ambiguously explained scenes.
        In fact, that will make things more easier for me and i won’t need to spend so much time to link the scenes and actions of each and every character just the way ‘author’ wanted to depict.

        Q-3 Many translators have quit after they got pushed by readers. I hope the same thing doesn’t happen with you.
        Ans: There are all kinds of people in this world. Those who appreciate my translations and patiently wait for the release are no different from those who criticize me and call me a liar. The only difference between them is the level of hteir ‘patience’ and ‘love for MGS’.
        Since they want to read MGS everyday and i couldn’t give it to them, so it’s partially my fault as well. I know there will be days when i won’t be able to release a single chapter (Engineering is a bit**). So whenever i get time, i release 3 or 5 chapters to compensate for ‘dry days’
        My passion for translation is a lot bigger than your ‘criticism’ fellow MGS lovers 😉
        So relax. I won’t quit translating MGS no matter what.

        Q-4 You should forget about the Grand release and take rest for now.
        Ans: Well, i don’t have that kind of luxury. I have 2900+ chapters to translate haha

        Q-5 You mentioned about releasing 3 chapters everyday, what happened?
        Ans: After the Grand release of Chapter 60-63, i will release 2 bonus chapters along with 1 regular chapter. If you ask why, i would like you to take a look at the size of MGS. If i release 3 chapters each day, that will be = 90 chapters a month= 1095 chapters in a year. If you deduct some chapters for
        discrepancies and days when i got sick etc. There will be at least 900+ chapters in a year. With this rate, i will be able to finish MGS in 3 years.
        Reading 3 chapters everyday for 3 years!
        I think that will satisfy anyone.
        Of course there will be days when i won’t be able to translate even a single chapter. But, i will release any pending chapters on weekends. So, you guys can burn my ass all you want on the weekdays for not releasing chapters but you will definitely be happy on the weekends 😀
        Also, this whole thing is just in the PLANNING stage and i might fail at it. So, don’t take it for granted. Just wait and see if i succeed or not!

        Q-6 How will we know about releases without the announcement corner?
        Ans: I don’t know how to answer that. haha
        I will think about something, but, don’t expect announcements for the time being. I have got enough ‘Death mails’ for the week.

        Q-7 I hope you are not depressed.
        Ans: Its not easy to depress me. My passion for translation is already at the peak of ‘Dacheng’ realm.

        Q-8 Is the postponed Grand release today?
        Ans: Do you seriously want me to answer that? haha
        What if shit happened and i couldn’t release the chapters?
        I don’t think i should answer that. Because that will hype up many readers and their love can be scary ya know.
        Some readers are like ‘Yandere’ for releases.
        “How dare you keep my ‘ sweet and cute release’ with yourself? Die!” *takes out a knife*

        I hope i have answered all your questions.
        If you wanna ask any other ‘non threatening’ questions, please do so! 😀

        Thank you everyone for loving MGS.
        Makes me feel that my hard work is not being wasted.


    1. I get a bit annoyed with delays but since I am a normal human I just deal with it.

      some people take it WAY out of line.

      He is doing this FOR US AND HIMSELF.

      He is under no obligation to do it.

      People need to check themselves out and make sure they are not acting like entitled morons.

      Yes if he says he is doing a grand release and he does not OFC I am going to be a bit upset (more so when it happens more than once) but I get over it, everyone else should too.


  5. the font in chapter section are in florescent green, not easy on eyes… can you make it as the same font color as in the comment section. thanks.


  6. I have so much respect for you for being great person and being still committed and cool about this.

    I think in general people get agitated because when you announce you’ll be releasing chapters you didn’t and that happened a quite a few times already. Its understandable that things happens in life, of course. But some people will take wait the whole day for chapters, so it hurts both ways. I think you should still announce but also clarify IRL might also affect your releases. You need announcements btw, we need to know general information from you the great translator, but if you plan on telling people you’re releasing a chapter in a specific time you have to stay true to that or very sure that nothing will affect your releases at the specific date and time :\

    Also announcing that you won’t be releasing chapters today or not at this time will actually benefit for both parties all translators do it RMX, Flowerbridge they always announce they’ll be late or no chapters today when something comes out. The readers won’t be to hyped out and also knows that okay they’ll be a chapter tomorrow or later, I don’t have to check every 30mins to find out if its been released.


    1. So i just need to add ‘maybe’ to all my announcements 😀
      But, they will still come and check if the chapters are out. And if the chapters are not released, they can’t blame me because i had put ‘maybe’ in my announcement.
      I had also announced yesterday that the chapters will come out today.


      1. Lol if you do put (maybe) they can’t blame you, it truly clarifies that things will happen that can affect releases. I hope you’ll still do announcements tho I like hearing translators thoughts about the story and getting to know you more as a person when you say sometime about your day. 😛


      2. Hum… I don’t thinks they will take it badly if you did keep them Updated… Not a hour by hour but more like if in the end you can’t do it a little post/message saying that you are sorry but in the end you can’t add new chapter because something come up it would nicer than waiting in hope but for nothing in the end. I thinks it’s the waiting with not knowing if you will or will not add new chapter that annoyed them.

        Well it’s what I thinks anyway I may be wrong. \(>°<)/


      3. It’s their expectations that annoyed them.
        They need to understand that i am just one person doing the translations here, not a team of translators. I announce for their sake, but if i fail to release chapters, that means the burden keeps on increasing on me because i have already promised the release and i have chapters to release for the next day as well.
        If i stop announcing then i can easily take a chill pill and relax like other translators. I can release 1 chapter/week and announce ‘next chapter next week’
        If i am already digging myself a hole and overworking myself then why are the readers trying to test me?
        Close the topic. I have MGS chapters to translate!


    1. Though i am translator but that doesn’t mean i will translate all languages.
      Try to use English if you wanna say something otherwise how would i understand , hm?
      I hope you know English or you won’t be wasting your time on a blog which uses English.


      1. nothing much, he just said something that many leechers says before ” i’m rotted in here waiting for a new chapter” -_-

        Anyway, i want to say thank you so much for your effort, i know that translating is not an easy job, so..yeah, thank you and thank you :).


  7. if i could i would read raws but since i can’t read chinese i realy apreciate the translations and i don’t mind waiting for a chapter just have to find a way to spend the time while waiting


  8. It seems some people like to go overboard after you already fed them a good amount of chapters, oh well there are all kinds of people in this world.

    I have a suggestion that could help you ( depends on how you see it obviously ), bring back the announcements. What you could do is to , early in the morning, write how many chapters we could expect ( you could even write sponsored/regular for things to be clearer ). The next thing you could do is update the announcements as soon as you start translating and giving an ETA for the next chapter OR state if you are forced to stop for that day or something came or you are just too tired and you will take a break that day and so on.

    Like this you would probably update the announcements around 3 times ( once when you wake up, once when you decide to go on a translation spree or that the chapters might be delayed because reasons, and the third time for extra comments on the chapters released and a bit of the possible schedule for the following day. ( you obviously can be more flexible with this, all I wrote now was just some ideas that just popped in to my head just now ). Don t let these ungrateful people ruin your mood or your relationship with the rest of the folk that come to appreciate your hard work. I like the way you translate and how you interact with us,

    I like the direction you are going with this site and that you are willing to go all the way with mgs, just remember not to put too much hearth ( preferably none whatsoever ) in those ungrateful comments from brainless people. We will be here supporting you mentally and financially ( those who can afford and are generous enough to keep this awesome train going at full speed).

    Awesome story, awesome translator, INSANE speed ( comparable to those from freaking MGA, with the idea that you are a one man army ). Also as a side note, I am not sure but have you tried or considered joining hands or cooperating with wuxiaworld or gravitytranslations ( these are the ones I follow the most )?


  9. Reading xanxias is so funny really… there’s so many absurd dialogue patterns…
    Idiot1: “I’ll torture you to death!”
    *gets killed instead*
    Idiot2: “NOOOO brother!!! How dare you kill him!”
    MC : “Well… self-defense and all, you know?”


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