Martial God Space Chapter 18

Chapter 18 – Blood Yuan Domain

“Who dares to attack me!” Ma Yan said while screaming.

Ye Xiwen’s figure was not hidden in the crowd, Wang Lie quickly spotted him and happily ran to him and said: “Brat, you are back, you were gone for a month, where did you disappear to!”

“I went to the back side of the mountain to cultivate!” Ye Xiwen said.

“Hey, why can’t I see your cultivation!” Wang Lie said while looking strangely because he and Ye Xiwen both were similar considering their natural talents, he had always been stronger than Ye Xiwen since their childhood but this time when he saw his good friend, he couldn’t see through his cultivation.

He couldn’t understand Ye Xiwen’s cultivation but Ye Xiwen easily saw through his cultivation. Thankfully Wang Lie’s retreat was a success as he had broken through to the fourth stage, with just one swoop he jumped into the middle of inner sect disciples.

“Wait, what’s going on, why was he blackmailing you just now!” Ye Xiwen stared coldly at Ma Yan and said.

“I broke through to the fourth stage, wanted to buy a secret book here, who knew I would be blackmailed by him to buy this damaged book for 500 low-grade spirit stones!” Wang Lie’s fat face was filled with anger and he said, “I didn’t buy it, so he falsely accused me of reading this book!”

If it was a Xiantian(innate) power technique , forget 500 low-grade spirit stones , even an amount of 50,000 low-grade spirit stones would be inexpensive but it was obvious that the technique must not be incomplete or it can’t even get a price of five hundred low-grade spirit stones.

Such a situation was very common, because not everyone could obtain a secret book but most of these were incomplete and not that valuable. This was the reason why it was unacceptable that someone was willing to sell a complete Xiantial power technique for just 500 low-grade spirit stones.

“Die, how dare you sneak attack on me you bastard!” Ma Yan looked ferocious, his hands still aching and his eyes flashed with killing intent.

With a step, he leaped high and jumped towards Ye Xiwen , his fist blasted into a powerful punch.

“Bang!” How could Ye Xiwen not prevent this surprise attack, he immediately spread out his palm and caught his fist.

“Rumble!” Ye Xiwen grabbed Ma yan’s fist producing a rumbling sound and twisted it
“Kara!” (TL: 卡拉!)

“Ah!” Ma Yan screamed like a dying pig, Ye Xiwen directly folded his wrist, his power was now over nineteen tiger force, there was no way he could possibly withstand the strength in Ye Xiwen’s grip with power of just four tigers. The difference was too great.

“Take this!” Ye Xiwen shouted, he lifted his foot and kicked him.

“Bang!” Ma Yan suffered this kick so suddenly and fiercely that his body flew magnificently like a broken kite, flew high up then fiercely fell to the ground, suddenly foam started to come out of his mouth and he fell unconscious.

People started looking at Ye Xiwen as if watching an incredible existence, Ma Yan was supposed to be one of the top 20 disciples from inner sect, but now no one knew if Ma Yan was alive or dead after getting kicked so ruthlessly by Ye Xiwen, he was still unconscious. Who on earth was this person.

Because Ye Xiwen’s always had a low profile as his strength was never this strong, therefore no one there really knew who he was.

Everyone around was wondering from where did such a ruthless man emerge, he actually sent Ma Yan into comatose state, a man who was supposed to be at the peak of fifth stage. This man was definitely a monster!

Of course, since Ma Yan was a notorious one, most people secretly applauded.

Ye Xiwen found a book on Ma Yan’s body, “Celestial Step” he couldn’t look properly as surrounded by a large crowd, he did not use his spacial ring or it might cause some jealousy, which was not good.

“Come, let’s go!” Ye Xiwen turned to Wang Lie and said.

They soon left the market, Wang Lie couldn’t wait and asked: “How did you become so powerful, Gee, that Ma Yan, your kick actually sent him flying!”

““Hey, I was originally this powerful!” Ye Xiwen said then laughed, he certainly would not talk about the mysterious space.

“Bah, I was just kidding!”

Two friends kept on walking while fooling around all the way, they returned to their respective homes.

Ye Xiwen hadn’t come back for a while, Ye Kongming also came back home from outside and saw him, on his face appeared a little smile and said: “Welcome back!”

Regarding why Ye Xiwen had not come back home for a home, he didn’t say anything, martial artists were such existences, he might travel for months, even for several years, even more than 10 years , it wouldn’t be surprising.

And Ye Xiwen had already told them before he left.

“Good, you look stronger!” Ye Kongming nodded approvingly and said, for this adopted son, he had always devoted a lot of attention.

“You look thinner and weak, are you not eating properly!” parental concerns for their children could be very different for a mother and father. (TL: ikr :P)

“You have come back at a perfect timing, participate in the School Inner Weighting, which is there in two days!” Ye Kongming said, “in this grand event, our school is offering a very generous award, top 100 rankers can earn a lot of money reward!”

“Yes, Father!” Ye Xiwen nodded, of course he had come back to participate in this School inner weighting, but not the way his father had hoped, instead of top 100 ranks, he at least planned to get into top five, to be able to compete in the championship.

“The headmaster called you, why?” mother Xia chunxue asked Ye Kongming.

“Zhang family wants to conduct this year’s core disciples exam together with our school!” Ye Kongming said, “Zhang have proposed to conduct this year’s big competition of core disciples in the Blood Yuan Territory!”

“What, Blood Yuan Territory!” Xia Chunxue was surprised.(TL: from now on, Blood Yuan territory = BYT)

Ye Xiwen also gawked, he certainly knew what BYT was, in this world, in addition to Zhen Wu Jie, there existed some large and small-dimensional spaces, they naturally formed in this world, some were big in size, far more than thousands of miles , some were small with just a few miles only.

After many years of breeding, these small dimensions gave birth to life and reproduced their own life forms and animal breeds.

A BYT was such a small microcosm, with all kinds of unusual animals, innumerable spirit grass, the entrance to this ‘small dimension’ was in Qingfeng mountain, and the key to open this entrance rested in the hands of Yi Yuan school’s elder and Zhang family’s patriarch . Legend was that Zhang family’s ancestor and Yi Yuan School’s founder, together found this entrance many years ago, they benefited a lot from it, in the end one created a school and other created the foundation of powerful Zhang family.

A BYT would open every once in a while, but it couldn’t remain open, the reason for that was in consideration to the fact that it was very small hence the self-healing capacity would be weak, so it needed to be closed for a period of time to open up later. This could be called ‘sustainable development’. (TL: environmental studies class, how nostalgic 😀 )









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