I find Peerless Martial God very addicting in the very first chapters. Fast progressive story with no concession on fighting. The plot shows a lot of potential and if you like novels like MGS or MGA, i would like to recommend Peerless Martial God to you!

PMG’s currently being translated by Totally Insane Translations and I find their translation quality very good. Here’s the synopsis for PMG taken from their blog. ENJOY!


In this continent where clans stand in great numbers, martial art is the key.
The weak is bullied, while rivers of blood will flow when the strong is angered.
The emperor of the martial world can even look down on the world, laugh at the rivers, move the mountians and lay waste to millions of people.
The strongest of his generation, Lin Feng.
Born against heaven’s will with a shocking inheritance, Lin Feng will walk down the martial path and go against heaven and earth while treading to the highest level.

Peerless Martial God




Just thought of recommending a brand new novel to you all. The novel’s called Dragon Martial Emperor’ written by ‘Feng Yin Zi Chen’ , who is also the author of ‘Genius Sword Immortal’. Its an ongoing series with 700+ chapters and i would like to recommend it especially to those who like GSI.

Dragon Martial Emperor is getting translated by ‘Mystique Translations’ and they have released the first chapter today itself. Here’s the summary for DME taken from their blog.


Dragon Martial Emperor is an ongoing Xianxia with over 700 chapters. It’s about the rebirth of the strongest Hitman from Earth in a world of ‘martial arts’. This novel is for those who like the categories: Reincarnation, Weak to Strong; strong, smart and cool MC etc..

Summary: In the foreign world, the martial artists dominate the world and the sword of the emperor controls the fate of hundreds of millions of lives! Long Yu, the number one killer on Earth, after dying, takes rebirth in an aristocratic family of martial artists but is banished from his family since he is unable to practice due to blocked meridians.

Dragon Martial Emperor