Martial God Space Glossary

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About the World, Places and important items:-

Zhen Wu jie – ‘True Martial World’ is the name of the world in MGS. In this ruthless world, strength is the supreme law. Everything is settled by strength and only strong people command respect.

Devil world – A different dimension from where devil race has tried to invade Zhen Wu jie many times. Modao and Modao based power techniques were introduced by devil race into the Zhen Wu Jie world.

Great Yue State – The state where Yi Yuan School’s Main Sect and Qingfeng Mountain sub-school are located. MC has not gone out of Great Yue State till the current translated Chapter.

Four major Sects/Schools of Great Yue State – There are four major Schools in Great Yue State. Yi Yuan School and Xueling Sect are two of the four mentioned by the author as of now.

Qingfeng Mountain Yi Yuan Sub-school – It is the sub-school where MC was a disciple before joining the ‘Main Sect’ of the same Yi Yuan School.

  • Library Pavilion = Place in the school where techniques are stored

  • Gongde Palace/ Achievements and virtues palace = Place where disciples can take missions and exchange demon cores for school points, which can then also be used to exchange these school points for spirit stones or weapons etc

Qingfeng Mountain – the Mountain where Yi Yuan School’s sub-school is situated. Ye Xiwen was earlier a disciple of this sub-school.

Qingfeng Mountain backside – There’s a demon beast infested mountain forest at the backside of Qingfeng Mountain where MC used to practice a lot during the early phase of the story.

Tianfeng Hall – A major influence and Zhang Clan is also a high-level clan associated with Tianfeng Hall.

Blood Yuan Territory – A small dimension located in the Qingfeng Mountain and monitored by both Zhang Clan and Yi Yuan School.

Fengye Mountain – The trees on which Blood Yuan Fruit grows are located on this mountain inside the Blood Yuan Territory.

Mysterious Space (Special Space) – As the name suggests, it’s a strange item that MC happened to come across in the very first chapter of the novel. Its functions so far:-

  1. It’s present in his mind and MC can practice any of the martial arts power techniques anywhere and anytime without being found out inside the mysterious space.

  2. The practice speed increases dramatically inside the mysterious space. And this is the reason why MC is able to deduce techniques in a month while others have to practice years to achieve the same results.

  3. MC can deduce the missing parts of damaged parts of the power techniques inside the mysterious space. However he needs to constantly burn ‘spirit stones’ in order to stay inside the mysterious space.

  4. Mysterious space can neutralize the deadly insights present in some formidable ancient techniques, for example, ‘Coiling Dragon Palm’

  5. Mysterious space tends to protect MC’s mind and soul whenever attacked by harmful outer forces, for example, when Luo Yifan attacked his mind.

  6. Mysterious space helped MC in transforming Xiantian Zhen Qi possessed only by the masters of Xiantian realm when his current inner state was still at a lower realm, Houtian realm. And due to that, now, although his inner state is still at a lower level, the energy present in his body is comparable to the masters of higher level. Just by using the formidable physical strength granted by ‘Tyrant body technique’, MC is able to contain so much high level energy inside his body without his body exploding from excess pressure. (MC fortunately achieved this feat while saving Hua Menghan)

Secret book – A book that contain information about a particular power technique

Sect – A school where disciple can study and practice martial arts

Elders – The high level martial artists and also the teachers in the Sect

Demon beasts – Beasts present in this world, they can cultivate as well and when they reach Xiantian realm, they gain wisdom.

School Inner-weighing – It’s a competition in which disciples of the same school participate.

Spiritual tool – Very previous tools and can only be used by Xiantian sixth stage warriors and above because Zhen Yuan is necessary to manipulate them

Storage ring – A ring which is linked to a small dimension where non-living things can be kept.

Pseudo-spiritual tool – Fake spiritual tool, though precious, but can be used by anyone without the need of Zhen Yuan.

Magical sound flute – A spiritual tool. Ye Feng and Zhangsun Yuyin’s group found it together in Huanmo territory.

Demon cores – They are present inside the bodies of demon beasts. They are very valuable and can be exchanged for spirit stones.

Low-grade spirit stones – They act as currency in this world and can also be used by martial artists to enhance their cultivation, however generally speaking, it takes a lot of time to absorb the large amounts of Lingqi present in low-grade spirit stones. But, MC burns huge amount of low-grade spirit stones in order to continue practicing inside the mysterious space.

  • Spirit stones – Superior form of low-grade spirit stones.

  • 1 Spirit stone = 1000 low-grade spirit stones

Blood Yuan Fruit – A precious treasure that grows in Blood Yuan Territory.

Blue Flaming Lotus – A treasure that grows in hot environments like magma pool. MC managed to swallow the roots of this Lotus which granted him fire resistant abilities. Now he could also practice fire attribute power techniques.

Earth Heart fruit – A scarlet red fruit that grows by absorbing the Lingqi from earth. Consuming it can increase the cultivation significantly.

Red-blood ginseng – Spiritual fruit which can increase the cultivation level of a martial artist and matures in decades. Ye Xiwen found a 100 years old red-blood ginseng and fought with Zhang clan’s young master for it.

Zhang Clan – It’s a clan but more like a school. The members of this clan practice martial arts and feel strong rivalry with disciples of Yi Yuan School. The founders of Zhang Clan and Yi Yuan School had together found the Blood Yuan Territory.

Shaoyang sub-school – An old rival sub-school of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school

Cao family – Using the rumors of Blue Flaming Lotus, they tried to lure strong influences in the nearby areas of Caojiaji town to eliminate them and increase their own influence.

Yi Yuan School’s Main Sect – The Main Sect of Yi Yuan School is the place where all the talented disciples from several sub-schools go to study. The practice conditions in Main Sect are far superior to the practice conditions in other sub-schools. The campus of Main Sect is huge with multiple mountain peak and mountain ranges covered with dense forest where all kinds of demon beasts can be found.

Huanmo Territory – A small illusion type dimension used by Main Sect as test ground for entrance assessment test. It used to be a place where devil race lived years ago, but later, they deserted it! One of the ancestors of Main Sect had caught several Huanmo devils and put them in this small dimension. When humans died in Huanmo Territory, they didn’t actually die but were thrown out in the real world.

Qingfeng Stronghold – A gang of bandits that MC encountered in the escort mission requested by his childhood friend’s clan.

Tianyuan City – MC’s first escort mission took him to this city where he managed to obtain a Xiantian pellet and an inner armor.

Tianyin auction house – MC bought an inner armor from this auction house in Tianyuan City. Two Xiantian pellets were also auctioned here by City Lord of Tianyuan City.

Qingcheng City – A city like Tianyuan City. The young master Zhao Qiyan, son of city lord of Qingcheng city, bought a Xiantian pellet.

Black Magic Valley – A major school in the nearby areas of Tianyuan City. Lord of this school along with his school’s strongest disciple, Wen Qingshing, also participated in the Xiantian pellet auction.

Bloody Hand School – A major school in the nearby areas of Tianyuan City. Lord of this school along with his school’s strongest disciple, An Yunpeng, also participated in the Xiantian pellet auction

Thousand Islands City – A city located at the south-west waterfront of Great Yue State which was captured by devil race and over a million people were sacrificed.

Lingqi – The world energy lingering in the environment and also present in concentrated amounts in spirit stones

Qian Yu faction – The faction formed by MC, Yan Chiling and other new disciples.

Fudi faction – A senior faction, led by a core disciple named Qin Muze, that wanted to crush Qian Yu faction. When mediated by Jing Yannan, a fight between MC and Mo Han occurred to decide the fate of Qian Yu faction.

Bingdao sub-school – One of the three major sub-schools and teaches ice-attribute power techniques

Jade Lady sub-school – One of the three major sub-schools and allows only female disciples.

Divine Valley sub-school – One of the three major sub-schools and teaches fire-attribute power techniques

Bai Mojiao – A large organization of devil worshippers. They worship devil and invite them into the Zhen Wu Jie. Their motive is dominance of Devil world in Zhen Wu Jie. The followers of Bai Mojiao study Modao based power techniques which causes them to use humans as practice resources. They absorb blood, qi, soul and vitality of human beings to enhance their cultivation level.

Bai Mojiao followers – Human being who were confused by devils and became depraves. They left Wudao (Martial arts) and started practicing Modao (Devil arts) and Modao based power techniques.


Frequently used terms:-

  • Li = unit of distance; 1 Li = 0.5 Km

  • Jin = unit of weight; 1 Jin = 0.5 Kg

  • Breakthrough = To break from the current cultivation level and ascend to the next level. It requires for the martial artist to increase the energy quality and quantity to match the next level and also to increase the physical fitness to be able to sustain so much energy. After breakthrough, strength increases accordingly.

  • Inner state = The current cultivation level and physical stamina or strength

  • Consolidate inner state = After entering into the next level, it takes time to get used to the new strength and energy content.

  • Cultivation = To absorb Lingqi into the body and comprehend a cultivation technique like ‘Bright Jade Power’ to increase the cultivation level.

  • Xiaocheng realm = First achievement in comprehension of any technique. Before Xiaocheng realm, there are two other realms but author doesn’t mention them so forget it.

  • Dacheng realm = Second and final achievement in comprehension of any technique

  • Dantian = Located inside the body where qi is stored

  • Zhen Qi = Energy in the form qi, produced inside the body

  • Xiantian Zhen Qi = Advanced and purer form of Zhen Qi

  • Xiantian Zhen Yuan = Liquid form of qi and very formidable compared to Zhen Qi. It is necessary to transform Zhen Yuan to step into the Xiantian sixth stage.

  • Meridians = Channels within the body where the qi flows

  • Medicinal pills/drugs = Special pills consumed by martial artists. These pills have various uses like healing, supplying Lingqi etc.

  • Daoqi = Bladeqi = Qi transferred from the body into the blade through the hands and then released in concentrated + sharpened form. Very deadly and when used by MC, it can simply chop down anyone who is at his strength level or below.

  • Daomang = Bladeqi in the form bright and dazzling arc = Another way used by MC to chop down enemies into two halves 😛

  • Daoguang = Bladelight = Flashy way used by MC to chop down enemies into two halves 😛

  • Creative concept = The insight present inside power technique that was originally comprehended by the creator of power technique. It’s like a picturesque display of a power technique and very tough to comprehend. MC was able to comprehend creative concept of Cold Moon Beheader shocking everyone.

  • Faction = A group of disciples can form a faction in the Main Sect with one of them as the leader. There a lot of factions in the Main Sect and factions created by the true disciples are the strongest.

  • Peaks = They are like sections in the Main Sect under which, disciples study, get rewards and missions etc. There are ten famous peaks in Main Sect. MC is in Tongtian peak, while the strongest peak is Full moon peak where Ye Feng and Zhang Yang studies.

  • Modao = Devil arts (came from Devil world and hated by everyone.)

  • Wudao = Martial arts (developed in Zhen Wu Jie)

  • Xiedao = Evil arts (developed in Zhen Wu Jie world alongside Wudao)

  • Moqi = devil qi

  • Xuan qi = magical or mysterious qi

Demon beasts and devils:-

Great devil – Huge devils, 2 meters in size and their starting cultivation Houtian ninth peak at the time of birth that can go up to Xiantian sixth stage or above. Great devil captains are at Xiantian eight stage.

Night owl – A flying devil which looks like an owl. Not much has been described about this devil.

Fire Lin beast – A rare type of demon beast that takes birth near super hot place such as a magma pool where Blue Flaming Lotus, a rare type of treasure, also grows along with its birth. This beast is very formidable and after eating Blue Flaming Lotus, its cultivation grows rapidly.

Iron back silver ape – A kind of demon beasts who prefer to live in groups and MC encountered them first time in the backside of Qingfeng Mountain.

Iron back silver ape – A formidable Iron back silver ape at the Houtian eight stage. MC stole silver ape liquor from its cave and also found his long blade in a pile of rusting weapons.

Silver ape liquor – Ye Xiwen found Lingqi rich liquor in a cave of silver apes.

Silver-haired violent ape – Houtian ninth stage demon beasts found in Blood Yuan Territory. MC used them to practice ‘Tyrant body technique’

Silver-haired violent ape king – A semi-Xiantian demon beast.

Arrow Hog – Houtian fifth stage demon beast

Multicolored Python – Houtian fifth stage demon beast guarding Earth heart fruit

Snow ape – MC faught a Xiantian fourth stage demon beast that could use ice attribute powers and defeated him after having a breakthrough during the fight.

Huanmo – Weaker devils of the devil clan. Their cultivation level can vary from Houtian to Xiantian realm.


Cultivation realms:

Houtian realm: First realm of cultivation and had 9 stages (energy used= Zhen Qi ; it’s an energy in gaseous form) {Maximum strength gain is up to 99 Tigers}

Xiantian realm (first half): Second realm of cultivation and has 5 stages (energy used= Xiantian Zhen Qi ; it’s an energy in dense gaseous form) {Maximum strength gain is up to 99 Dragons}

Attention: The below stats do not apply on MC, he has ‘mysterious space’ to grant him the higher level energy content (approximately one stage or sometimes two stages above him and this buff varies and may increase in the future chapters) and ‘Tyrant body technique’ practiced to the Dacheng level of second layer (in the current chapter 128) to make his body FORMIDABLE enough to sustain this higher level energy content.

For example:-

Even if he is actually at the peak of Xiantian fourth stage :-

  1. The energy ‘quality’ and ‘quantity’ in his body = energy ‘quality’ and ‘quantity’ that should be present inside the body of a master of Xiantian sixth stage

  2. Looking at Point 1, you must be thinking, how is this possible? His body should just explode right?

  3. Here’s your answer, No!

  4. Why? Because he has practiced an insane technique called ‘Tyrant body technique’. This technique is so insane that an ordinary master might need decades to practice even a single layer of it. But don’t forget that MC has ‘Mysterious space’ so he managed to practice it faster, and thanks to that, he was able to contain the excess energy in his body.

  5. So even if he is just at peak of Xiantian fourth stage, he can easily compete with a master of Xiantian sixth stage. All thanks to ‘Mysterious space’ and ‘Tyrant body technique’


  1. Entering Xiantian first stage = 10% Xiantian Zhen Qi

  2. Peak of Xiantian first stage = 20% Xiantian Zhen Qi

  3. Entering Xiantian second stage = 30% Xiantian Zhen Qi

  4. Peak of Xiantian second stage = 40% Xiantian Zhen Qi

  5. Entering Xiantian third stage = 50% Xiantian Zhen Qi

  6. Peak of Xiantian third stage = 60% Xiantian Zhen Qi

  7. Entering Xiantian fourth stage= 70% Xiantian Zhen Qi

  8. Peak of Xiantian fourth stage = 80% Xiantian Zhen Qi

  9. Entering Xiantian fifth stage = 90% Xiantian Zhen Qi

  10. Peak of Xiantian fifth stage = 100% Xiantian Zhen Qi

  11. Entering Xiantian Xiao = 100% Xiantian Zhen Qi + strength of 100 Dragons

Xiantian realm (Second half): Third realm of cultivation and has 4 stages (energy used= Xiantian Zhen Yuan ; it’s an energy in liquid form) {Maximum strength gain is up to ?? Dragons}

Truth realm/ Zhen Dao realm: Not much information has been revealed about this realm.

Legendary realm: Not much information has been revealed about this realm.


  1. Entering Xiantian sixth stage = ??% of Xiantian Zhen Yuan

Note: The percentage transformation requirement for Zhen Yuan is not yet explained in the translated chapters. I will update this part later.

Xiantian Xiao realm: Transition realm from first half to second half of Xiantian realm.

  • Requirement to enter into this realm = Possess 100% Xiantian Zhen Qi and strength of 100 Dragons

Disciple ranks in a sub-school

  • Outer disciple: Lowest rank

  • Inner disciple: Middle rank

  • Core disciple: Highest rank

  • Seed disciple: Chosen few who are eligible to enter the Main Sect    

Disciple ranks in the Main Sect

  • Outer disciple: Lowest rank (newbie from sub-schools)

  • Seed disciple: semi-medium rank (genius newbie who have the highest chances of passing the entrance exam to become inner disciples)

  • Inner disciple: Medium rank (those who passed the assessment exam)

  • Seed disciple: Semi-high rank (top 100 among the inner disciples and generally have practiced to the Xiantian Xiao realm. They have the highest chances of becoming core disciples)

  • Core disciple: High rank (Those with at least Xiantian sixth stage cultivation level)

  • True disciple: Highest rank (They are in the ‘True realm’ above ‘Xiantian realm’)

  • Note: Seed disciple is a general term which means ‘potential disciples’ who have the highest chances to enter into the next level, so it’s used multiple times by the author.

  • Note: All the newbie are called new disciples and seniors are called senior disciples.


Ye Xiwen – MC of Martial God Space, an OP character. He was a university student on Earth but he was transported from Earth to Zhen Wu Jie. He was totally bewildered after his memories and personality merged with this world Ye Xiwen. He couldn’t decide which personality he should assume as this world’s Ye Xiwen was a weakling and often bullied and Ye Xiwen from Earth was an upright university student. He panicked but the love he received from his new family members motivated him to strive on and he decided to make his own identity in this world which worked on principle of ‘Strength is justice’. He wants to become strong enough to protect his family.

Wang Lie – MC’s childhood friend and a nice guy.

Ye Family:-

  • Ye Feng — He is MC’s adoptive big brother and a very upright guy who adores his little brother (MC) can do anything for his sake.

  • Ye Ruxue — she is MC’s adoptive big sister

  • Ye Kongming —MC’s foster dad, an elder in Yi Yuan school’s Qingfeng Mountain sub-school, who later became the Ancestor (Principal)

  • Xia Chunxue — MC’s foster mom and a big worrywart

Lin Zhantian – Previous Ancestor of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school.

Hua Menghan – A beautiful Xiantian level master who was poisoned by Luo Tian and was going to get killed, but MC saves her from Luo Tian and his lackeys then heals her for three days straight. While healing her, he also gains some insight about Xiantian Zhen Qi as she was a Xiantian master and he was still a Houtian master and while healing her, he sent his own Houtian Zhen inside her body and got in touch with her Xiantian Zhen Qi. Mysterious space helped him in gaining insights about how to transform Houtian Zhen Qi into Xiantian Zhen Qi which is literally impossible for Houtian level masters, as their bodies would explode from the intense pressure of Xiantian Zhen Qi, but MC has practiced ‘Tyrant body technique’ which had made his body robust enough to handle Xiantian Zhen Qi even when his body is at Houtian level.

Dai Xiaohua – MC met a carefree and powerful Xiantian master became good friends with him in Caojiaji town during the Fire Lin beast incident.

Shi Yi – The first core disciple MC met after reaching Main Sect. He also escorted MC to the courtyard of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school on his crane demon bird.

Zhang Yang – A close friend of MC’s big brother and admirer of MC.

Qian Wanru – A core disciple of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school and Ye Feng’s friend.

Wu Hao – A core disciple of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school and Ye Feng’s friend.

Zhangsun Yuyin – The girl MC’s big bro is in love with. She is the strongest disciple of Jade Lady sub-school.

Yan Chiling – He is the strongest disciple of Divine Valley sub-school

Jing Yannan – A core disciple. He was sent by Hua Menghan to save MC’s newly formed faction of new disciples.

Zhuge Xingli – A famous core disciple who invited MC to participate in a mission to ambush Prince Mo Yan

Xue Yuan – A core disciple who was also the part of the Prince Mo Yan ambush mission

Xiao Jin – A core disciple famous for his merchant skills. He was also the part of the Prince Mo Yan ambush mission

Zheng Yizhao – An ordinary core disciple who was also the part of the Prince Mo Yan ambush mission


  • Ma Yan – A guy who was trying to rip off Wang Lie and MC taught him a lesson.

  • Ma Ying – Big brother of Ma Yan. MC later crippled him as he was trying to cripple MC.

  • Shi Feng – MC’s first opponent during inner disciples competition

  • Wang Shaoqi – An arrogant contender who looked down on MC. MC showed him mercy and he was later very grateful to MC for going easy on him.

  • Wang Jian – An elder who is also the Lord of Punishment Palace and MC’s father old enemy. He tried to attack MC after MC crippled Ma Ying in front of everyone.

  • Tang Nian – MC’s opponent during the competition who admitted defeat before even fighting him.

  • Zhang Xiang – One of the top five inner disciples. After defeating him, MC entered the top three ranks

  • Zhao Yanxue – The second ranked inner disciple. MC easily defeated him and shocked everyone

  • Dongfang Bai – The strongest ranked inner disciple who is a nice guy but arrogant. MC crushed his arrogance and became champion.

  • Chen Hu and Chen Long – The two leaders of Qingfeng stronghold bandit group. MC killed Chen Hu when the stronghold tried to interfere with his escort mission.

  • Zhao Qiyan – An over arrogant guy and son of Qingcheng city lord. He won the auction for Xiantian pellet and later got ambushed by An Yunpeng and dies.

  • Wen Qingshing – Strongest disciple of Black Magic Valley school

  • An Yunpeng – Strongest disciple of Bloody Hand School

  • Luo Tian – An arrogant Xiantian master who was trying to besiege Hua Menghan, also a Xiantian master, and first gets injured by her and then killed by MC. MC knows that Luo clan is a big clan so he destroys all the evidence by killing all the lackeys of Luo Tian.

  • Luo Yifan – A relative of Luo Tian who doubts that MC is related in Luo Tian’s murder.

  • Zhang Yunfei – A Zhang clan’s disciples who defeated Dongfang Bai using cheap tricks and was defeated by MC. MC was merciful with him but later during core disciples exam in the Blood Yuan Territory, when Zhang Yunfei again tries to attack MC along with his brother and some other masters, MC kills them all.

  • Zhang Yuntian – Zhang Yunfei’s brother who openly challenged MC outside his courtyard and was defeated in public. MC was merciful with him!

  • Zhang Jingxin – Top disciple of Zhang Clan, killed by disciples of Yi Yuan School in Blood Yuan Territory after Zhang Clan broke the rules of examination.

  • Zhang Yuelian – Top female disciples of Zhang Clan

  • Liu Zhi – A Xiantian master who tried to be over smart and sneaked inside the Blood Yuan Territory during core disciples exam. He was later killed by MC.

  • Wen Shiyang – The top disciples of Shaoyang sub-school. Defeated by MC!

  • Huo Cheng – One of the top disciples of Shaoyang sub-school. Injured MC’s big brother so crippled by MC!

  • Hu Yanghang – A mighty core disciple who likes Hua Menghan and is also very jealous of MC. He sent seven masters after MC during the assessement test.

  • Chu Xun – One of the top disciples of Bingdao sub-school who came to challenge MC and lost.

  • Shangguan Xuanyi – Strongest disciple of Bingdao sub-school. Defeated by MC when he was trying to take Magical sound flute from Ye Feng and Zhangsun Yuyin.

  • Huang Yilin – A Xiantian level master who was beheaded by MC during the final phase of assessment exam but of course he revived outside the Huanmo territory. He is an outstanding disciple of Huang Yue Sect.

  • Mo Han – A Xiantian fifth stage master, also the deputy main of Fudi faction, who was defeated in a battle by MC to save Qian Yu faction’s existence.

  • Qin Muze – A smart core disciple and also the founder of Fudi faction. Initially he wanted to crush Qian Yu faction and that’s why he allowed Mo Han to have a battle with MC. But when he saw the hidden potential of MC, he was quite happy that he allowed the battle. Thanks to this battle, he got to see the monstrous potential of MC and managed to save his faction from MC’s wrath in the future. According to readers, he is the most logical villain character in MGS.

  • Young Marquis – A lackey of HU Yanghang, leader of the seven masters, and had also entered one step into the Xiantian Xiao realm. He was easily defeated by MC in front of the seven masters. MC also took his pseudo-sprit tool which was already shattered by his own attack.

  • Prince Mo Yan – An important personality in the Bai Mojiao’s Great Yue State’s brach.

IMPORTANT EXPLANATION about Ye Xiwen’s strength:-

Before you read future chapters, especially for those who are raising doubts in various forums about Ye Xiwen’s apparently unexplained OPness! Raise these doubts here, I would gladly explain, it’s my duty as MGS’s current and only translator.

Ye Xiwen is an anomaly who is only at the peak of Xiantian seventh peak in this chapter, but he possesses energy equivalent to the masters of half-step truth realm because he started amassing energy in advance from the time when he saved Hua Menghan and got insights about transforming higher level forms of energy even though his body (inner realm) was at lower level, all thanks to the ‘Mysterious space’.

But you must be thinking, he is at a lower realm so how can he fight with masters two or sometimes three levels above him? That’s because only his body (inner realm) is at lower level, the energy content (energy quality and energy quantity) in his body is equivalent to the masters of higher levels. But that should explode his body right?

Don’t forget he has practiced Tyrant body technique, which turned his body into that of an ancient Tyrant. So, his body is so strong and tough that it can contain higher level energy and in larger amounts. Basically, thanks to Tyrant body technique, even if his body is at Xiantian seventh peak, but its strength and toughness = bodies of the masters of half-step truth realm.

This is the reason why in the last chapter, Ye Xiwen also practiced the ‘Tyrant body technique’ to third layer to increase the toughness of his body in order to sustain and contain half-step truth level energy. He is OP because of ‘mysterious space’ and ‘Tyrant body technique’. More doubts? Ask!!!

 Martial Arts and Power techniques:-

This section will be filled later when I am less busier 😛


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