Law of the devil picked up by Bcat00

Well I generally tend to recommend new novels that I like and support new translators by sending readers from my site to theirs. But ‘Law of the Devil’ is special because it’s my second favorite Xianxia novel! That’s why I want everyone who isn’t aware of this novel to give it a shot.

Recently ‘Law of the devil’ has been picked by a new and aspiring translator named Bcat00. I personally love this novel but it seems to have been tossed around by translations groups and translated at a slow pace. No offense to other fellow translators bur I fear that it’s translation pace might suffer like this and may lose many potential readers, but I am so happy to find out that it has got a new translator who seems to have done a great job with translation.

Dear readers, go read his work, appreciate him, encourage him for his great work so that he continues to translate all the way ­čÖé

It’s an incredible novel, due to the slow translation pace, I couldn’t control myself and read Law of the devil all the up to the last raw chapter ­čśŤ

Trust me, it’s a novel that shows its true beauty in the 100+ chapters so give it a shot.

I recommend Law of the devil to all the lovers of Xianxia.

Read here – Law of the devil – Bcat00

[Spoiler Alert]

MC isn’t OP in the current chapters, he is just too smart and prefers to use brain over muscles haha, but in the later chapters, well he uses both…………


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