Doubts raised so far!

Doubts raised by readers:-

Q0: Many readers Ye Xiwen’s OPness is unexplained. Can someone explain how he can fight with people two or three level above his level.


IMPORTANT EXPLANATION about Ye Xiwen’s strength:-

Before you read future chapters, especially for those who are raising doubts in various forums about Ye Xiwen’s apparently unexplained OPness! Raise these doubts here, I would gladly explain, it’s my duty as MGS’s current and only translator.

Ye Xiwen is an anomaly who is only at the peak of Xiantian seventh peak in this chapter, but he possesses energy equivalent to the masters of half-step truth realm because he started amassing energy in advance from the time when he saved Hua Menghan and got insights about transforming higher level forms of energy even though his body (inner realm) was at lower level, all thanks to the ‘Mysterious space’.

But you must be thinking, he is at a lower realm so how can he fight with masters two or sometimes three levels above him? That’s because only his body (inner realm) is at lower level, the energy content (energy quality and energy quantity) in his body is equivalent to the masters of higher levels. But that should explode his body right?

Don’t forget he has practiced Tyrant body technique, which turned his body into that of an ancient Tyrant. So, his body is so strong and tough that it can contain higher level energy and in larger amounts. Basically, thanks to Tyrant body technique, even if his body is at Xiantian seventh peak, but its strength and toughness = bodies of the masters of half-step truth realm.

This is the reason why in the last chapter, Ye Xiwen also practiced the ‘Tyrant body technique’ to third layer to increase the toughness of his body in order to sustain and contain half-step truth level energy. He is OP because of ‘mysterious space’ and ‘Tyrant body technique’. More doubts? Ask!!!


Q1: ashreadsmanga I have a doubt regarding the disciple ranking, especially, seed, core seed, inner seed, etc., especially because of this line in the chapter
“..and each one of them possessed outstanding strength, far more than the core disciples at the same rank,…”

Could you let me know what is the rank mentioned here? Also more info about the core, seed, inner seed, inner disciples, etc will be very helpful.


“..and each one of them possessed outstanding strength, far more than the core disciples at the same rank,…”
It’s understandable that you would get doubt in this line.
See, they are seed core disciples at Xiantian Great realm. And there are 100 seed core disciples and almost all of them are either at Xiantian Great realm or Xiantian ninth peak.

But there must be thousands of other core disciples at Xiantian ninth peak or Xiantian Great realm.

But out of those thousand core disciples who are at the same rank (same cultivation level), only these 100 elite core disciples have managed to win in the ‘Seed Core disciples competition’ which must have happened one year before Ye Xiwen and his friends joined Main Sect.

And according to author, they are elites because they know better power techniques.

So suppose there’s a core disciple X at Xiantian Great realm. And there’s Hua Menghan at Xiantian Great realm. Both at the same rank according to cultivation level.

But core disciple X lost in the first round of ‘Seed disciple tournament’ from her because she used some kind of high level power technique.

So, Hua Menghan became a seed core disciple (an elite) but core disciple X is just a core disciple (not an elite)

Here’s the heirarchy:-

Outer < Inner< Core

Top 100 disciples of each outer, inner and core are called outer seed, inner seed and core seed.
Outer< Outer seed< Inner<Inner seed<Core<Core seed< Truth

Now, let’s understand about the term ‘seed’

Seed means, a disciple who has the highest talent, strength and chances to enter the next major level.

Now, try to remember, when Ye Xiwen and his friends entered the Main Sect, there used to be some seed disciples among the newbies.

Those newbie seed disciples were called seed by their respective sub-schools, because these sub-schools were confident that their seed disciples would be able to get high scores in the Main Sect entrance Assessment test.

Now, when Ye Xiwen and his friends passed the entrance assessment test, those who were at Xiantian realm and killed a lot of Huanmo and got good scores became inner disciples.
Those who were at Houtian realm and didn’t score well became outer disciples.

Both these newbie outer disciples and inner disciples are also called new disciples. There are some senior outer and senior inner disciples as well who haven’t leveled up from previous years.

Now, forget about outer disciples, author never mentions about them. Let’s come to inner disciples.

Inner disciples general cultivation level range goes from Xiantian first stage to Xiantian Xiao (a realm sandwiched between Xiantian fifth peak and Xiantian sixth)

core disciples cultivation range goes from Xiantian sixth to Xiantian Great realm.

And the inner disciples who have the highest possibility of entering the Xiantian sixth stage and becoming a core disciple are called seed inner disciples. But there are a lot of disciples who hold high possibility to become core disciples

These inner seed disciples and inner disciples like Ye Xiwen who are said to possess strength comparable to seed disciples are generally at
Xiantian fifth peak or Xiantian Xiao realm.

So seed disciples competition is held to select top 100 seed inner disciples and then Sect gives them a lot of resources to help them grow quickly and enter into the Xiantian sixth stage and become core disciples


Q2: ranpha BTW, did anyone remember that the MC comes from Earth? The major weakness of this webnovel is that the author did not exploit this fact at all when writing this novel. If the MC is just a native of this world and he happened find the underwater light back then, there would be no difference at all to the main story here.

Xenoten I’ve also been thinking about this. Why make him come from earth? It’s mentioned from time to time but carries no significance what so ever


Actually, in the first few chapters, you will find out that Ye Xiwen was quite confused when memories from both worlds mixed in his mind. He was confused and panicked because he was very weak at that time.

So, he decided to discard both his selves and create a new one, a formidable one.


Q3: Nefilium Wasn’t there an entire Realm(Xiantian Great Realm) between Xiantian Realm and Truth Realm?? Or did I misunderstand somthing?!

Ans: Truth realm > half-step truth > Xiantian Great > Xiantian ninth peak


Q4: synthousThese should be all the doubts:
It seems 10 levels per realm.
Houtian into Xiantian into Great Xiantian? Into Truth Realm.
There are milestones such as transforming Ki…
Now, I’ve forgotten which Ki you’re supposed to have at which point…
The main issue is, that it seems he skipped the entire Pre-Truth realm, no idea if that has any changes in ki type so it might be possible… But since he already had the Ki from Xiantian realm, the last few breakthroughs should be somewhat weak, no?


He is still at Xiantian seventh peak. With completely transformed Zhen Yuan in his body.
With each level up, the quality and quantity of Zhen Yuan also levels up.

Zhen Yuan = energy

Right now, his energy level = energy level at half-step truth realm.

Here’s the hierarchy:-

Truth realm>half-step truth realm>Xiantian Great realm> Xiantian ninth peak> Xiantian ninth stage> Xiantian eight peak……so on

From Xiantian first stage to Xiantian fifth stage, one needs to transform Zhen Qi

At Xiantian fifth peak , Zhen Qi = 100% and strength = 99 Dragons strength

Xiantian Xiao > Xiantian fifth peak

At Xiantian Xiao, Zhen Qi = 100% and strength = 100 Dragons

Then one needs to transform Zhen Qi into Zhen Yuan. Once all of the Zhen Qi has been converted into Zhen Yuan, one can reach the Xiantian sixth stage.

After reaching sixth stage, no need of percentage conversion. Everyone has Zhen Yuan in their bodies. However, one can transform Zhen Yuan into Zhen Qi at will and use in battle, like Ye Xiwen did in seed disciples competition

Now, from Xiantian six to nine stage, one needs to increase the energy quantity and quality.

In last two chapters, Ye Xiwen used Blood Yuan fruit and Hehe Dan to increase energy content all the way up to the half-step truth level.

But his body is still at Xiantian seventh peak.

However, since he has ‘Tyrant body technique’, it turns his weak body into super formidable body, capable of containing higher level energy.

So, he is still at Xiantian seventh peak, but possess body and energy = half step truth master.


Q5: synthous The only real remaining doubt is the “KILL DEMONS AT MY LEVEL, GET TWICE THE QI, GG NO RE, EACH FIGHT I GET MORE OP WITH MOQI”Imagine a persons energy is contained in a ever growing water balloon, he ust added the Asura hybrids to his own to shoot up, it seems as though he can repeat it again and again, as things within a few levels of his realm will naturally give him easy boosts. Only problem would be can his body handle it. With the mirror, it should.


Tianyuan mirror captures the Jingqi = essence of the devils
The higher the cultivation of devil, the more formidable their essence should be.
And that young Asura devil was almost close to reaching Xiantian ninth stage.
So his essence helped a lot.

Without using the Tianyuan mirror, Ye Xiwen can directly absorb moqi of devils to enter the mysterious space to practice.

If you wanna enter the mysterious space, you gotta pay Lingqi or moqi

Lingqi comes from burning spirit stones
moqi comes from killing devils


Q6: Xenoten  – It’s only “kind of” a doubt…. Would there be a limit to the mysterious space when it comes to power techniques?

I think that it’s really wierd that he gains insight in a technique and can train it further with only the first steps. Why did the thunder palm technique stop and not become a xiantia power technique? Does this mysterious space somehow only give him insights in how the technique was originally made? Because otherwise there should be no limit to say, his tyrant body technique. He would just continue to get insights.

The techniques he know were developed by someone and are in no way perfect or follows the limits of some natural law. So he should just be able to continue to advance towards perfection in every field and create much better techniques than they originally were.

As long as he has the color he should not be limited to paint a 15 cm sheep with a cute face and soft horns :s make the sheep fierce and 150 kilometers high, you know what I mean?


I don’t remember the chapter in which I saw an explanation about these power techniques. Anyways, it’s like this….

These power techniques have been created by super experts when they got true insights about the principles of this world.

If you don’t get correct insights, you cannot create a technique.

Tyrant body technique was created in ancient ages unlike Rushing thunder hand.

Rushing thunder hand is based on one or two insights about thunder (maybe) and must have been created by an average expert. When Ye Xiwen practiced it in ‘Mysterious space’, he learned everything about those one or two insights about thunder. He can get more insights in the ‘Mysterious space’ but then Ye Xiwen would end up creating a different technique which will take time and Ye Xiwen is not interested in being a scientist haha

Tyrant body technique is a grand technique and involves layers after layers of insights. It will take a lot of time for Ye Xiwen to figure out all those layers and comprehend them.

It’s like this, if I send you a message and say
‘2H2 + O2 = 2H2O ‘

then you will get an insight that its chemistry.
If you search on internet (Mysterious space) which needs spending monthly internet bills (spirit stones) then the time you spend searching about chemistry helps you gain new insights but….only about chemistry because I drove you in the direction of chemistry (not biology, not physics)
That’s how it is:)


Q7: calmreaderI have one question, if a master of the xiantian 6 stage has the 100 % of their Zhen Qi converted in Zhen Yuan and going up to Xiantian 9 stage only increase the quantity and quality of their Qi, once their enter in the Truth Realm, their Qi changed again into other one?

I mean a Xiantian Xiao master had all his Hountian Qi tanformed into Zhen Qi and is very close to transform his Qi in Zhen Qi, then the xiantian Great Realm is the same stage that the xiantian xiao no? (with more power)

I dont know if I have expalined myself 😛

Anyway thx for the chapter :3


Things about Truth realm has not yet been explained by author. Maybe Zhen Yuan is the energy used by true masters as well

Maybe Zhen Yuan changes into some other purer form, we will get to know about it, possibly in Ye Xiwen’s next breakthrough 🙂

But from what I remember, during the fight between Qi Feifan and devil leader, I think they were using Zhen Yuan, not sure, so maybe Zhen Yuan is the energy unit used in truth realm as well, possibly more refined and in larger quantities.


Q8: desuworks – Not that I don’t appreciate the strength measurements, but I am a bit unsure how they work. Does strength of 100 tigers mean that if 100 tigers managed to somehow hit the exact same place at the exact same time they would hit as hard as one of those punches? Or is it that he is as strong as 100 tigers with perfect cooperation? Also, am I right in thinking that when his strength goes from tiger to dragon and starts rising by number of dragons. That’s because the transformation also affected his growth rate? If not I would think the strength growth would be something along the lines of “strength of a dragon and 25 tigers” or something like that.


Think of strength measurement in terms of units.
Say strength of 1 Tiger = T kg

Then strength of 100 Tigers = 100T

So, suppose T = 100 kg

Then strength of 100 Tigers = 100×100= 10,000 Kg

Similarly if strength of 1 Dragon = D Kg

then strength of 100 Dragons = 100 D

Suppose 1D = 10,000 Kg

Then strength of 100 Dragons = 100×10,000= 100,0000 Kg

This is just an example, because even I do not know exact measurements 🙂