Martial God Space Chapter 151

(NT: Thanks Jakub Stępniowski (Poland) and Bob (USA) for sponsoring chapter 151. Another Monster chapter with huge explanations. I am getting queries and complains from readers about these explanations. Yes, it takes most of my time to translate these explanations but as requested by many readers, I cannot skip them because there are readers who appreciate these explanations and my duty as the translator is to completely translate the chapter written by author. I heard most readers skip them though 😛 Am I wasting my time and energy? :O Give your answer in the poll at the bottom. Enjoy!)

Chapter 151 – Target, truth level devil commander!

Half a month’s time passed quietly. During this period of half a month, the entire Mosha territory was in turmoil because the daughter of Luo clan, Luo Fangyi, had gone missing and this news caused a stir in Mosha territory. After Luo Yifan, Luo Fangyi was the outstanding talented master who was most likely going to be the next truth level master of the Luo clan, but now, she completely disappeared and not even her corpse could be found anywhere.

This caused Luo clan to get suddenly furious, especially Luo Yifan, because he was in the Mosha territory when she disappeared and this was the reason behind his violent anger. He was frantically searching for the whereabouts of Ye Xiwen because he had a hunch that this was the doing of Ye Xiwen. Although the news widely spread that Luo Fangyi was killed by devils but he did not believe it!

She must have been killed by that Ye Xiwen!

Because Luo Fangyi had informed him that she was going to intercept Ye Xiwen along with her two partners, but after that, he did not receive any messages from her or her partners.

And this thing had made Luo Yifan extremely furious and he was searching Ye Xiwen in all directions in order to cut him into ten thousand pieces, but this search was not on a grand scale because it could be said that he still was not completely suspecting Ye Xiwen!

Did that mean that at the time when they intercepted Ye Xiwen, they were killed by him instead?

What to say?

First, since Ye Xiwen was actually the chief of inner seed disciples and he also broke several old records of Yi Yuan School after so many years, and not just that, many people treated him as the next Qi Feifan of Yi Yuan School and his extraordinary talent had also attracted the attention of a lot of old officials of sect. However if he was secretly taken care of by Luo clan and so long as no else got to know about this, those old guys would obviously get very furious at the death of a peerless genius like Ye Xiwen, but they won’t step up to do something about it, after all, who would try to fight for the sake of a deceased man. (NT: This paragraph gives the first reason why Luo Yifan is secretly searching for Ye Xiwen rather than openly blaming him for killing his subordinates. He fears that old officials would step forward to save Ye Xiwen, so it’s better to kill him first without the interference from those old officials.)

But if disclosed publicly, then perhaps, the anger of those old guys might lead to downfall of Luo clan. Although Luo clan was considered a big influence, but not big enough to hoodwink the public in a grand way, after all, even the mighty Luo clan had a lot of enemies.

This was an unsaid custom followed in Yi Yuan School and if people wanted to kill someone, they must do it secretly otherwise it would create a great disturbance and utter confusion in Yi Yuan School.

Second, not to mention, if three seed level core disciples were really killed by Ye Xiwen, then it would cause a huge uproar, but there was no evidence. Moreover, Ye Xiwen was the chief of inner seed disciples and many old fogies favored him a lot. If he had really killed one of the top core disciples of Yi Yuan School then his strength was definitely comparable to the strength of masters of half-step truth realm and this news would cause a sensation throughout Yi Yuan School, even many formidable masters who were still in closed door training in the depths of space and time would be alerted to come out, after all, Ye Xiwen was just a kid who joined the Main Sect not even a year ago, so how could he become so formidable so fast.

Perhaps when the time was right, the respectable seniors would come out from the depths of space and time, where these old fogies had been cultivating in seclusion, and they would take Ye Xiwen with them to the depths of space and time, and there, they would train him and also give him rich sect resources to help him grow faster. Compared to such a genius, Luo Fangyi’s death simply did not mean anything to these old fogies, let alone it was Luo Fangyi who intercepted Ye Xiwen, so she got what she deserved.

Ye Xiwen was such an evildoer that appeared once in a very long time in the world of martial arts, and such an evildoer was given the opportunity to obtain training and a large number of resources, then in the future, no one would be able to imagine his strength which would simply be against the heaven’s will. (NT: The term ‘Evildoer’ doesn’t mean evil guy.)

So in this case, it was not easy to kill Ye Xiwen without disturbing others. In this short time of less than a month, several groups of core seed disciples and inner seed disciples, who were searching for Ye Xiwen, also disappeared without a trace just like Luo Fangyi.

Luo Yifan knew very well that it must be the doing of Ye Xiwen, but it was useless to suspect without the evidence, but loss of dearly ones had caused Luo clan to feel bad for quite a while, though these seed disciples were not in the truth realm, but it had not been easy to cultivate them. Training worth of decades was needed to achieve the strength equivalent to the level of seed core disciples and a lot of resources were also spent for their fast growth. If they were just ordinary masters of Xiantian ninth stage then it was not a big to lose them, but they were the elites, who had learned most superior martial arts power techniques and had also consumed finest and rare material treasures, so their martial arts was far better than their peers. It could be said that Luo clan had made a huge investment in them and all of them held the highest possibility to qualify for the truth realm in the future, but it was all gone, all of them disappeared, i.e., in this session of seed disciple competition, Luo clan faced quite a heavy loss.

Luo Yifan was not furious without a reason.

Luo Yifan searched the outlying areas of Mosha territory but could not find Ye Xiwen, as if Ye Xiwen was also dead, but he actually knew that Ye Xiwen was not dead, he was absolutely not dead. Luo Yifan’s intuition was telling him that Ye Xiwen was still alive.

But he did not dare to go too deep inside the Mosha territory, because in the depths of Mosha territory, there was a huge country of devils, and among them, devil monarchs were very formidable and there were many truth level devils. It was said that only truth level formidable individuals, who were almost near the level of Qi Feifan, dared to venture into the depths of Mosha territory, others did not dare to go too far and only roamed in the periphery.

Luo Yifan had no idea that he would end up searching for Ye Xiwen for so long in the outskirts of Mosha territory, but Ye Xiwen was actually in the depths of Mosha territory, a place which was considered extremely dangerous due to it being the den of a large of formidable devils.

But as far as Ye Xiwen was considered, that was not the case, because he was the master of Tianyuan mirror, and unless he encountered a truth level devil, other devils were not his opponents and were simply cut like vegetables by Ye Xiwen whenever they encountered him.

Since the day Ye Xiwen killed Luo Fangyi, he had been honing his skills in the depths of Mosha territory, partly to escape from the search of Luo Yifan. He knew that this was the place where Luo Yifan would definitely be afraid to come and only extraordinary and rampant masters like Qi Feifan would dare to come here, or someone who held a major secret like Ye Xiwen.

On the other hand, it was also because those devils in the periphery of Mosha territory were not enough for him because the essence absorbed by beheading those devils was no longer enough for Ye Xiwen and basically was not helping at all in enhancing his cultivation level.

Even if he was absorbing the essence present in the bodies of the devils of half-step truth level, the effect was not very big.

Now the time to exit the Mosha territory was soon going to arrive, and since Luo Yifan was unable to find him during this time, he would definitely wait for Ye Xiwen outside in order to intercept him!

Ye Xiwen clearly knew about this so he was temporarily risking his life to ensure his future safety.

“Now your cultivation is at the peak of Xiantian seventh stage and your fighting strength is comparable to the masters of half-step truth realm, but even if you once again have a breakthrough to the Xiantian eight stage, your fighting strength will still be comparable to the top masters of half-step truth realm.” Ye Mo said, “After all, you have not properly broken through to the truth realm and you cannot imagine the huge gap between the truth realm and half-step truth realm. Only if you manage to reach the Xiantian ninth stage, at that time, your fighting strength will finally be comparable to that of a true master, and then, you will have enough strength to protect yourself.”

“I know.” Ye Xiwen said, “At present, it is possible only if I absorb a large number of top grade spirit stones, otherwise relying on my own accumulation of Lingqi, it will take too long to cross this ridge, probably eight or ten years, or even more.”

“It is said that you won’t gain anything until you venture into the tiger’s den. I just need to directly behead a truth level devil and absorb his essence, and then in a short time, I will definitely make a breakthrough to the Xiantian ninth stage.” Ye Xiwen narrowed his eyes and an inexplicable light flashed in his eyes.

It was simply unthinkable for Ye Xiwen to take on a human truth level master, although he himself was among the top masters of half-step truth realm and it could be said that none of the masters of half-step truth level were his opponents, but if he encountered a truth level master then he won’t stand a chance.

This was why he had been hiding from Luo Yifan, and now that the exit time was going to arrive soon, it was obvious that Luo Yifan must be extremely mad that Ye Xiwen killed several of his core level seed disciples, and this time, he might not spare Ye Xiwen in front of the large crowd like he did last time, and might actually kill him on the spot.

And if Ye Xiwen did not go out then it would undoubtedly anger Luo clan and they would vent their anger on Qian Yu faction or Ye family.

So, the only option left for Ye Xiwen was to risk his life and enhance his strength as soon as possible.

At his current strength, Ye Xiwen did not stand a chance against a human master of truth realm, but as far as truth level devils were concerned, Ye Xiwen believed that as long as there was the suppression of Tianyuan mirror, there was some possibility that he might stand a chance against a truth level devil.

Ye Xiwen had been observing from above a mountain peak for a long time, and some time later, he saw a grandiose caravan at a far distance, coming out of a devil city and consisted of many devil guards, and in the center, there was a truth level devil. Earlier, Ye Xiwen had impersonated as a devil and entered the city to inquire and had found out about this truth level devil called Jufeng feudal lord. He recently entered the truth realm and the demon emperor of devil country bestowed upon him the title of the feudal lord of Jufeng city and the neighboring areas.

These days, almost every day, he would come out of the city with his caravan to patrol his own territory, and each time, he would be accompanied by a large retinue, with many devil subordinates and slaves.

Ye Xiwen looked coldly at the Jufeng feudal lord because the only guy he needed to worry about was this Jufeng feudal lord, he could easily handle the rest of the devils in the caravan by using the suppression of Tianyuan mirror, because under the suppression, they would not be able to use even half their strengths. Although there were a lot of devils but even their combined strength was not enough to stop him. His main target was the Jufeng feudal lord because he would be the most difficult one to deal with.

Because Jufeng feudal lord had recently stepped into the truth realm, his breath was still somewhat unstable, and his aura was openly overflowing, and looking from afar, his moqi could be seen soaring in the sky, which was quite a frightening sight. (NT: moqi= devil qi)

Ye Xiwen did not have another choice. Those old devils who had stepped into the truth realm a long time ago were very terrifying existences, so relatively speaking, Jufeng city’s feudal lord was the easiest target at Ye Xiwen’s current strength.

But at the same time, he was aware of the fact that he was getting this opportunity for only one time because if he failed this time, Jufeng feudal lord would certainly be vigilant in his future patrols, and the next time, it won’t be easy to kill him. Jufeng feudal lord would most probably come out of the city, accompanied by a lot of devil guards, and in addition to his own incredible truth level strength, even by relying on the suppression of Tianyuan mirror, Ye Xiwen would have no chance of succeeding.

“Let’s go!” Ye Xiwen shouted and while leaving deep footprints on the ground, his body shot forward, as if an arrow just left the bow and rushed straight toward the caravan of Jufeng feudal lord.

(To be continued)


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    This was an unsaid custom followed in Yi Yuan School if people wanted to secretly kill someone, otherwise it would create a great disturbance and utter confusion in Yi Yuan School.

    I think it makes much more sense this way : But if disclosed publicly, then perhaps, the anger of those old guys might lead to the downfall of Luo clan. Although Luo clan was cosidered a big influence, it was not big enough to hoodwink the publick in a grand way, after all, even the mighty Luo clan had a lot of enemies.

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