Chapter 11 – Inventory Rewards

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Chapter Eleven – Inventory Rewards

Once he was away from the woods, he could not wait to check the contents of the yin yang pouch, but first he needed to find a safe and secret spot.

He had two yin yang bags; he couldn’t tell which one would be more rewarding so he just took one out randomly.

Since the previous owner was dead, refining the yin yang pouch went very smoothly.

After refining, Bi Fan started looking for items inside the yin yang bag.

The yin yang bag didn’t have a lot of space, only two cubic meters in volume, inside it were a few magical tools, more than ten porcelain bottles, three books, several Panacea and some refining materials.

Apart from the Panacea, Bi Fan couldn’t distinguish good from bad items.

So Bi Fan decided to start with the books, he picked them up, one was about the…

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  1. For all those sending hate mail, remember that Karma is kind of a bitch and also she is merciless. Novice my good man I pray your mama feels better and may you reap sweet blessings for taking time to care for your her. We will wait for the PARTY!!! whooooooohooo….

    on a side note. fuck all haters

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