Chapter 1 – Wan Snake Cave

Awesome novel!
I recommend this novel to those who like reading Xianxia.

The Mustang Translator

Chapter one – Wan Snake Cave

The heavenly blue sky oversaw as fog and mist curled around the Quinyang Mountains creating a picturesque shade.

A small lonely figure was busy at work inside the medicine orchard, and occasionally, his hand would wipe the sweat from his forehead. His name was Bi Fan.

Just looking at his weak body ignited a sense of pity, but in the Tian Yu world, vanquished of all compassion, no one would sympathize with him.

Bi Fan was an orphan who came to Quinyang School as a child and had been adopted by an old man at Quinyang School of medicine to look after the medicine orchard. He had never known his parents.

Immediately after adopting him, Old man Xing named him Bi Fan (Completely Ordinary).

Now 14 years old, Bi Fan still looked like an eleven year old owing to the malnutrition.

In the year…

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