Dragon Martial Emperor Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 is a Regular Release! Chapter 11 is going to be a sponsored release.

Chapter-10 Unfair treatment

Hearing the words of Tan Yue, a fierce smile appeared on the face of Han Jian with a killing intent apparent in his eyes.

Wu Qing was eager to show off and ended up in a miserable state, but now that Han Jian was going into action, one could expect the excellent display of martial arts.

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13 thoughts on “Dragon Martial Emperor Chapter 10

      1. Just a reblog my friend, just a reblog!
        Takes just a click to showcase someone else’s hard work on my blog ­čśŤ
        Try reading DME, it’s a good novel, instead of wasting your time waiting for MGS?
        Do not take whatever I say for granted, I am just a powerless human being, doing my job of living and surviving on the great playground of the world. You and I, and everyone else are nothing more than puppets on this great stage. You will understand what I just said someday.
        Anyways, as molnet said above, sooner or later, when I get time, you will get all pending chapters of MGS. ­čÖé


  1. No worries dude take your time , but about the powerless human beings part, I belive every one of us has the power to change his realty to a certain degree as he see fit, we’re more powerful than you think the world throw a lot of shit everyday and we survive and adapt and yell for more! Lol, it all start with a choice,it depends on you if your prepared to achieve that choice no matter what the cost,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s all philosophy my friend!
      You are still powerless haha
      You will always panic on things that are not under your control and most things are not under your control.
      You have the ability to change the reality but how can you ascertain that this urge to change was not already planned for you, just a puppet, being controlled by circumstances.
      All your hard efforts and power to change and the actions you take which you think you are taking from your own accord, are you sure that you are in control? When were you in control? ­čÖé
      World throws shit on you, agreed!
      But, you still have to survive and adapt right?
      That’s what I meant by being controlled like puppets on this world’s grand stage haha
      Hey lukra, I will consider you powerful if you don’t give a shit about the world and no matter what happens to you, your family, your job, your education etc, you still laugh and say ‘this is nothing, I want more’ haha
      You will always be a powerless human being surviving in this world.
      In this world, only god is powerful( if he exists) because he really doesn’t need to act according to the circumstances ­čśë


      1. Being powerful as a human being is totally different than the power of a God, I concider someone powerful if he has the will to accept whatever happens to him with a clear mind and move forward in life, there well be moments were you well lose your way , but true power comes when you get your shit together after a moment of weakness, the power to follow your goal/dream/hope no matter what happens in life, not immediately of course it’s OK to take your time your only human of course, but after you move forward there is no way your weak, god created us but he isn’t controlling our fate and action if he was why did he create heaven and he’ll in the first place ? No its all you my friend , this world is to test us , you are being tested not controled

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      2. Well I agree that god’s not controlling us but the circumstances are. You say world’s testing us, I say circumstances control us. They are the two faces of the same coin.
        You say someone’s powerful if he has the will to accept whatever happens to him and move forward.
        But, we had to accept whatever happened to us right? Right there, that’s what I am talking about.
        In the end, everyone has to move on and accept things. There’s a term for it and its called compromise!
        You need to compromise with the situation, circumstance, and find a solution, and the things we do while finding the solution is no different than getting controlled by the shit that was thrown on us by the circumstance.

        Maybe these circumstances are governed by a supreme law, maybe they are just uncontrolled random happenings but you are still a slave to them.

        That’s why I said that we are just powerless human beings, not because we don’t have the willpower to fight back. Because we are not in the control and have to accept how circumstances drive us!
        We will still have the will to accept, we will still move forward in life and lead a happy life as well, achieve out dreams, become stronger, but after fighting through all the shit thrown at us by what you call being test by the world, and I call being controlled by the circumstances
        We are indeed being tested, because we are weak, and have potential to grow stronger!
        So, you are right!


  2. Why do you link the act of accepting with weakness, no we as humans fight back the unfairness of the world with accepting what happens not as a form of weakness but of course but as way to understand and think of a way to deal with it and fight back, by the way the act of accepting itself is hard a lot of people live in denial most of there refusing to deal with there problems rather than accepting them to solve , but anyway I don’t know we’re my past comments came from lol you can think of them as my ideals that I want to follow, I am still far from it but your not completely wrong also I understand were your coming from so it’s all good ­čÖé


    1. You are right, I think we are talking about the same thing but in different contexts or point of views haha
      I agree that its hard for some people to accept things, I have seen many cases of such type.

      Anyways, it was fun to have such a deep kinda discussion with you ­čÖé


      1. Thanks yes it was fun, I don’t normally talk about topics like this so it was a first from me , I am not that serious usually lol


      2. Guess what, when you first replied to me, I was like, “oh, I thought Xianxia fans are all ruthless people(Just kidding :P) but there seems to be serious one among them” haha
        And then your philosophical attacks destroyed my Dantian haha
        But, it was fun!


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