Finally, Century!

Thanks a lot everyone for loving and supporting MGS. It has come a long way, with 100 chapters translated, and there’s a loooong way to go. I will keep on working hard and translating this huge novel! I still want to translate it all the way to the very end 🙂

And with the release of MGS Chapter 100, I want to inform everyone that GSI will become a Main Project alongside MGS.

Looking at the uniqueness of GSI, I had originally planned to keep GSI as a side project and entertain you people with one or two releases per week. But to my surprise,  it started to get a lot of fans and I got tons of emails requesting to make it a Main project. I was waiting to reach my target release of MGS chapter 100. So now, you can enjoy both GSI and MGS. 😀

Here’s the Release Schedule for GSI!

Release Schedule for  GSI:-

(effective from Sept 1, 2015)

I will release a sponsored chapter for each $ 40 received

Schedule for Regular releases:
Monday : none scheduled
Tuesday : 1 chapter
Wednesday : none scheduled
Thursday : 1 chapter
Friday : none scheduled
Saturday : 1 chapter
Sunday : none scheduled

Sponsored releases

Monday : none scheduled
Tuesday : 0-1 chapter
Wednesday : 1-2 chapter
Thursday : 0-2 chapter
Friday :  0-1 chapter
Saturday : none scheduled
Sunday : 1-3 chapters ‘a chance of Grand release of Sponsored Chapters’


7 days = 5 GUARANTEED releases (3 Regular releases+ 2 Sponsored releases).

Anymore chapters other than the 5 Guaranteed releases will be released as Sponsored chapters.

So the weekly releases will have a minimum of “5 guaranteed chapters per week” which may go up to “12 chapters per week” depending on the donations and my schedule.





24 thoughts on “Finally, Century!

  1. Woot. Both of them are really fun stories, and I really like where GSI is going. Seeing a lone cultivator in the modern world up against modern technology seems like it’ll be extremely entertaining, as well as how/if the cultivation techniques will adapt modern knowledge.

    Congratz on the 100 chapters!


  2. Thank you for your work. If you can, could you combine all the projects on the top bar into a “projects” tab so the bar isn’t so big? Or at least make it so it doesn’t follow the scroll? It is quite big and distracting when reading.


  3. Wow! I just checked how many chapters there is for MGS and over 3K and still ongoing? Man just how strong is our MC going to be?!


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