Martial God Space Chapter 89

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Chapter 89 – Mighty Lin Zhantian

“Old man, in the future, I will certainly return the favor for today!” Ye Xiwen gritted his teeth and said with a lot of sweat crazily dipping down his face.

“You do not have a future!” The old man shouted with a hideous look on his face.

“Stop!” A loud shout came, followed by a big hand that came straight down from the sky and caught that old man’s big hand and directly exploded it.

“What were you trying to do?” A thundering voice resounded in the sky and a figure came down flying. This was none other than Qingfeng Mountain sub-school’s former ancestor, Lin Zhantian.

The black clothed old man looked coldly at Lin Zhantian.

“This little beast has severely injured the seed disciples of our Shaoyang sub-school and there’s no way for our school to participate in the assessment, this hatred is totally irreconcilable.” That old man said and gritted his teeth.

“Bullshit!” Ye Xiwen gasped for breath then said, “It was them who first came to bully the disciples of our sub-school and were forcefully trying to occupy our courtyard. They even injured my brother and were going to cripple him. They went too far and I was just returning the favor, but I was merciful and did not waste their martial arts. “

“Little bastard, you …” The black clothed old man cursed but it was not that he did not know the ins and outs of whole matter. He was just trying to take advantage of the fact that Lin Zhantian had not come back yet and this was the best opportunity to take revenge on Ye Xiwen, and settle things once and for all. But things didn’t go as he had planned after the intervention of Lin Zhantian.

“Get out of here!” Lin Zhantian thundered loudly and waved his big sleeves. Almost instantly, a terrifying force arrived in front of the black clothed old man.

“Poof!” The black clothed old man spurted out a mouthful of blood and his skinny body was sent flying upside down. Only one hit had seriously injured him and he was stunned, staring at the Lin Zhantian because he never thought that Lin Zhantian could actually be so strong.

“Zhen dao …” Black clothed old man muttered while glaring at Lin Zhantian with his fierce eyes, he said: “Lin Zhantian, you’ll regret it.”

“Get lost! No one dares to touch my disciples.” Lin Zhantian said in a strong voice. He had clearly demonstrated the strength of the Zhen dao. The disciples of the Zhen dao realm were called ‘true disciples’. Compared to them, the core disciples could only be considered mid-level personnel, but true disciples were considered at the top.

In a major sect like Yi Yuan School Main Sect, only few hundred true disciples were present but the added count of core disciples and inner disciples together was almost one hundred thousand. The gap between the positions of these two parties could be seen just from the numbers.

The black clothed old man looked bitterly at Lin Zhantian, no doubt, if they were not in the premises of the Main Sect, he would have been directly beheaded by Lin Zhantian.

The competition among the sub-schools was allowed as long as there were no direct fights between the factions. From the perspective of the Main Sect, as long as the whole martial arts community was flourishing inside the school, competition was permitted.

The black clothed old man looked towards the disciples of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school and bitterly left.

“Let’s go inside.” Lin Zhantian said.

After the return of Lin Zhantian, it seemed as if the Qingfeng Mountain sub-school had suddenly gained back its backbone and the disciples followed him inside happy expressions on their faces.

After hearing about all the events that had occurred during his absence, Lin Zhantian smiled and looked at Ye Xiwen then said: “Good, well done, you are the power and prestige of our Qingfeng Mountain sub-school.”

Lin Zhantian was also surprised in his heart because this was quite unexpected, although he had always been very optimistic about Ye Xiwen, but did not expect that he would actually be able to become so strong that not even the seed disciples would be his match. Those seed disciples were considered elite among the elites and were generally very powerful, but had been surprisingly defeated by Ye Xiwen. Lin Zhantian was overjoyed with these turn of events.

“In my absence, all of you have done very well.” Lin Zhantian said.

“Thanks ancestor for your praise!” Everyone said in unison.

“Now, I will tell you about the reason behind the sudden departure of all the elders, although, this is a major affair, but I think it is necessary for all of you to know about it.” Lin Zhantian said.

The looks of all the disciples suddenly became serious because they knew that a matter which was major for Lin Zhantian could never be trivial.

“This thing is slightly strange. For the triennial assessment examination, all of the sub-schools send their respective elite disciples, but this time, actually disciples of more than thirty sub-schools were attacked, out of which, disciples from six sub-schools were completely annihilated and not even their skeletons could be found.” Lin Zhantian said with a solemn look on his face.

Everyone present there held their breaths, though these sub-schools were just Yi Yuan School’s sub-schools and relative to the Main Sect, their strength was not much, but compared to other sects, it was still very large. But these were the elite disciples of various sub-schools, not to mention, they were also being accompanied by a few elders, and these elders were super experts of Xiantian fifth stage or more. How could they dare to touch such a team?

But to be able to completely annihilate such a team of experts, this was not possible for ordinary forces!

“In the past, there have been cases when disciples were attacked, but they were all isolated phenomenon or vendetta, but this time, it is not unusual that out of a total of over one hundred sub-schools, more than thirty sub-schools have been attacked.” Lin Zhantian said, “This thing has caused the Sect to have a high degree of attention to this matter because there may be large hostile forces after our disciples. The sect has sent many experts to investigate about this matter.”

“The reason of sharing this thing with you is because, soon, you will enter the Main Sect, after that, you need to be very careful.” Lin Zhantian said.

Participating in the assessment was especially important for sub-schools because it would get easier for their disciples to be directly promoted to become the inner disciples or core disciples in the Main Sect.

Naturally, those who performed outstandingly in the assessment would get more popular and would be able to get more resources for their respective sub-schools. This was the reason why the elder of Shaoyang sub-school was so frantic.

“Yes!” Everyone said in unison.


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32 thoughts on “Martial God Space Chapter 89

    1. The ranks are decided by the amount and type of Zhen Qi
      There are 9 stages in Houtian realm with Houtian Zhen Qi.

      There are 5 stages in Xiantian realm with Xiantian Zhen Qi.

      The rest four stages in Xiantian realm with Xiantian Zhen Yuan.

      Once Houtian Zhen Qi starts changing into Xiantian Zhen Qi, one enters into the Xiantian realm at the first stage.(with a minimum 10% transformation)

      In the range of ‘10% to 100%’ transformed Xiantian Zhen Qi, the first five stages of XIantian realm are divided.

      After 100% of Houtian Zhen Qi is transformed into the Xiantian Zhen Qi, one can reach the peak of Xiantian fifth stage.

      After that, one needs to transform the ‘Xiantian Zhen Qi’ into ‘Xiantian Zhen Yuan’ to enter into the XIantian sixth stage.

      Here, Zhen Yuan > Zhen Qi

      After entering into the Xiantian sixth stage, experts are said to enter into the ‘Zhen dao’ realm and are also called true disciples;

      true disciples>core disciples>inner disciples>seed disciples of sub-schools

      The cultivation level of Lin Zhantian is still unexplained.


  1. Btw, you normally have a regular release on Sunday yet Queue’s cleared for Ch. ’90 to 94′, are you just going to skip it and go ahead and do all bonus releases? Seems weird to me.


  2. the logic in xianxia novel is totally weird. There is a strong guy and they dont say “your strong i respect you” they throw one expexrt after another at them to cripple them what the hell? And they are talking about ‘face’ when they are doing something like this everyones gona look down on them. shameless


    1. hehe.. that’s so true
      Though not all xianxia novels are so annoying. But in some.. arrogant douchebags are everywhere. This MGS or MGA are good example of that. It can’t be really blamed on the world itself. In xianxia, killing is natural thing, but being arrogant is not explainable. In fact i think it is a very dumb thing to do. I mean like how everyone try to ruin main protagonist, just because.. Why it’s so dumb?
      1. It’s pretty simple, the stronger you become the more you know how much stronger others are. Ruining guy that has so much better prospects that himself. I mean i don’t want to point obvious things.. But that guy would be just.. dead. No matter what backing he has. The chance that he will be killed because of crippling talent are very high. (not to even mention that this particular situation is about people of the same school, where killing is not allowed, unless in particular situations)
      More talented, stronger guys tend to have much better backings. In cultivation world there are certainly loads of precious treasures that can increase cultivation and such. If the guy is stronger that him, instead running for others to beat him up, he should just apologize. Otherwise he is dumb. Because that guy just might have much better backing that he has. So what if he is from weak sub-school? Even freaking son of emperor can join weak sub-school.. just because he wants.
      2. This is world where fighting is normal. Fighting to increase skill is normal. But having a rival is unknown concept to majority. And certainly the fact that having a rival or objective can give great benefits.
      I mean they live in a world where strength is everything. First thing they should think after being beaten up.. how they will train and beat that guy up but no..
      3. It’s true though that it’s natural to have that kind of guys in world but.. but it’s there is waay to many of them. It’s obvious though that they only show this “arrogance” to weaker than them. And carefully lick elders butts clean.
      4. The funny thing is.. that cultivating takes so much time.. but there are so many that do not do a shit but goes around and try to stir trouble. Are they paid for it or what.. Even if their intentions is stealing through bullying, it’s dumb. One stronger guy notice it and he will simply take what they stole for himself..
      5. As i said it’s not problem of the world but problem of the authors mind. It’s this particular similarity between mga i mgs.. whole story is basically going from one place to another, where place has increased average level of cultivation, and always there are douchebags that pick up on protagonist and end up trashed and then he move to next area where another one pick up, get trashed and go to next area.. iam sorry for spoiling that much.. rotfl 😀

      Although i said being arrogant is dumb, but it’s not entirely true. There are also good reason to be arrogant. As to provoke others to kill them with reason and get their treasures. I mean it’s basically unspoken think among xianxia. I mean just imagine that others are not arrogant and do not attack main protagonist. That makes huge problem for protagonist. Good thing that he did not end up in england.

      And about being shamless.. i think they think that it’s not about how ones win but the fact that winner is a winner no matter how he won. After all he can create rumors and stuff. And it will end up that he won fair or whatever.


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