Martial God Space Chapter 63

Chapter 63 – 《Coiling Dragon Palm》

(NT: This technique can also be called 《Panlong Palm》)

But even so, it could be said that Xiantian Pellet was a very precious treasure!

But Ye Xiwen already had a Xiantian Pellet, and now, he was in a possession of two, which was redundant for him!

Ye Xiwen and the other two winners had got free access to the secret books library and could learn a Xiantian level power technique, which was a very precious opportunity for them. Needless to say, Xiantian level power techniques were very precious, and if he could learn a Xiantian power technique, then, his fighting prowess could greatly improve.

After the three winners had received their rewards, Lin Zhantian said: “The three of you come with me. We will go to the secret books library to choose Xiantian Power techniques for all of you!”

Ye Xiwen and the other two followed Lin Zhantian and arrived at the secret books library. The three followed him inside, all the way to the top floor of the library where, compared to the huge number of books on the lower floors, only 20 books were present. However, Ye Xiwen knew very well that these few books were far more precious compared to the books on the lower floors.

“The three of you are our Yi Yuan School’s most outstanding disciples of this year.” Lin Zhantian said, “You are the three top disciples of Qingfeng Mountain’s Yi Yuan School, but, Qingfeng Mountain is located in the remote regions of Great Yue State, and you must know that countless geniuses gather to study at the Main Sect, where you are going to study in three months!”

All three were quietly listening to Lin Zhantian’s explanation, and did not refute. Indeed, Main Sect was a place where even masters of the Houtian ninth stage could only become outer disciples, and those with their cultivation level lower than the Houtian ninth stage could only be regarded as Zayi disciples. (NT: Zayi means handyman; part-time worker)

The criterion to enter into the Main Sect was very lenient. Main Sect allowed entry to the masters of Houtian seventh stage or above, but no one would enter before they had already reached the Houtian ninth stage because they were not stupid. Although the status of outer sect disciples was not high, but it was still better than that of the Zayi disciples, and most importantly, the resources available at the sub-schools were nowhere near the vast resources available at the Main Sect. It was easier for the outer sect disciples of Main Sect to advance to the Xiantian realm, and this is the reason why, every year, the sub-schools would send their talented core disciples to practice in the Main Sect.

For many years, the Main Sect had become a base for the talented disciples, sent by these sub-schools, to study and cultivate.

Qingfeng Mountain’s Yi Yuan School was just one of the many Yi Yuan sub-schools located at different places. A few months later, several geniuses from the Great Yue State would gather at one place and practice together. Ye Xiwen couldn’t help but feel excited about this.

“According to the news I received, a lot of sub-schools are sending Xiantian masters to enter into the Main Sect.” Lin Zhantian said, “This time, they have trained some peerless geniuses, and Main Sect is going to get flooded with many geniuses. That is the reason why I had agreed to Zhang family’s proposal to have the core disciples competition in the Blood Yuan Territory so that, you all can have some life and death battle experiences and benefit from it.”

Xiantian master!

All three of them were shocked to hear that. Ye Feng and Zhang Yang were at the peak of Houtian ninth, and Ye Feng had also entered half-a-step into the Xiantian realm, so, they naturally knew more than anyone that how much difficult it actually was to break into the Xiantian realm. And even after entering half-a-step into the Xiantian realm, Ye Feng would still need to prepare because there would be a lot of stronger people studying in the Main Sect.

Although, after entering into the Main Sect, they would be able to quickly advance to the Xiantian realm, but thanks to the Main Sect before or after entering into the Xiantian nature or a great difference.

Although Ye Xiwen was not at peak of Houtian ninth stage, but his fighting power could be compared with a Xiantian master, and after fighting and defeating one, he had finally understood what sort of power and presence a Xiantian master held in the world of martial arts.

No wonder, Lin Zhantian had given them such generous rewards!

“Right now, you three have the chance to enter into the Xiantian realm in a short span of time, and therefore, I decided to give Xiantian Pellets to all of you. In the next few months, when you must have to try your best and completely break through to the Xiantian realm, and at that time, these Xiantian Pellets would help you to safely enter into the Xiantian realm!” Lin Zhantian said without hiding anything.

Competition was present everywhere! There was a competition between Zhang family and Yi Yuan School, but it was just a competition between two sub-schools.

Qingfeng Mountain’s Yi Yuan School was one of the patrons of Main Sect and so, it also had a lot of rival schools and they also used to send disciples to study in Main Sect. The disciples of these rival schools would always have violent fights after entering into the Main Sect.

“Each of you can also choose a Xiantian level power technique!” Lin Zhantian said and it was clear that his plan all along was to help them in rapidly enhancing their strengths in a short time.


Three of them nodded together, and they also knew that after entering into the Main Sect, things won’t be so peaceful over there.

“Good, I have told you everything, now quickly go and choose a Xiantian power technique!” Lin Zhantian said. The contest between several sub-schools actually included the contest among the top geniuses representing their sub-schools, and the overall strength of the current year’s batch.

Ye Xiwen and other two didn’t wait and began to choose a Xiantian powerful technique. Some of these techniques were powerful and some were weak, but all of them were top class Xiantian power techniques, and ranking them was very difficult.

“Thunder and lightning chain spear!”

“Floating cotton blade!”

. . .

Ye Xiwen looked at the Xiantian secret books one after another, but he couldn’t find a suitable one for him.

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen caught a glimpse of a bit older secret book, quietly lying in the corner.

“Coiling Dragon palm” These three large characters, printed on its cover, came into the sight of Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen then walked over to the corner and picked up that old secret book. He slowly opened its first page but suddenly, a loud shout from Lin Zhantian entered his ears: “Don’t open the book!”

But Ye Xiwen had already opened it.

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen suddenly heard a loud roar of a gigantic dragon and a scary thought instantly break into his mind.

Suddenly, a huge figure of a person appeared inside Ye Xiwen’s mind. This figure was fuzzy and didn’t seem real, but suddenly, the figure shot out its palm, and a gigantic blue dragon ascended into the sky. It looked up towards the sky and roared loudly, while its powerful claws fiercely grabbed the blue dome of heaven, which seemed to crack under its tremendous strength. (NT: cāng qióng is an idiom which means ‘the blue dome of heaven’)

Ye Xiwen simply felt that his entire mind would get ripped apart by this gigantic blue dragon, and his psyche would collapse.

Each time the giant palm shot, it seemed to contain the divine providence itself, and brandished a gigantic dragon. By this time, a flock of gigantic dragons were soaring in the sky. Ye Xiwen felt as if his mind would collapse anytime.

Then, suddenly, within his mind, a burst of intermittent colorful lights appeared inside the mysterious space and completely absorbed all of these scary thoughts.

Ye Xiwen slowly opened his eyes while panting heavily and covered in cold sweat.

“Are you all right?” Lin Zhantian immediately arrived in front of Ye Xiwen and asked in a worried tone.

“It’s nothing, I am all right.” Ye Xiwen said with a burst of lingering fear.


49 thoughts on “Martial God Space Chapter 63

  1. Now I’m curious about Ye Xiwen’s background considering his adoptive father mentions about him as a son of somebody very powerful. The adoptive father said that it’s no wonder that Ye Xiwen became that super strong.


  2. dont you think that the palm teck is similar to coiling dragon which was owned by the starter of Linley Brauchs clan which was a legendary monster becoming a god.


    1. Its related
      you know everything comes with a set
      since panlong ring exist
      other panlong items also exist in there world
      so its not surprising that a panlong skill book exist

      btw there is countless world that is connected (base on desolate era novel) so its not weird if this skill is connected to linley lol


    1. Its not exactly impossible but one must have enough strength and willpower to encompass the ‘heaven shattering’ skill. I think the ‘huge man’ was trying to open up the door of heavens. But wait, the ‘coiling’ just doesnt seem right? Are there any other names suited better for how it is described? Like

      Heavenly Dragon’s Palm; simple


  3. Thanks for the chapter

    As expected this novel is amazing
    now that panlong exist there is no way the mc here well be inferior to linley
    Villains good luck mc just receive an instant win skill lol

    In the future I am not surprise if
    panlong sword, armor, and etc exist lol


  4. Sounds awesome! Thanks for the chapter! 🙂

    You know what might be a good idea though? Warning your TEENAGE disciples that one of the VERY FEW and VERY POWERFUL technique books in the room will BLOW UP THEIR FREAKIN’ HEAD if they open it.


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