Martial God Space Chapter 61

Chapter 61 – Confrontation

The first two elders to enter the Blood Yuan Territory were the short and tall elders of the Zhang family. Even from far, Ye Xiwen could clearly see the prideful smile on their faces, but after seeing the scene inside the Blood Yuan Territory, their complexion immediately turned gloomy.

“How did this happen to the disciples of my Zhang family!” The tall elder said while skimming down from the sky.

At this time, his gaze fell on the Yi Yuan School disciples, standing on the ground and he quickly understood who might have caused all this. He suddenly got furious and shouted: “You little bastards, you actually massacred the people of my Zhang family!”

The aura of the tall elder instantly scattered out and spread into the sky. This terrifying imposing aura was firmly locked onto the Yi Yuan School disciples.

“Well, well, well, the disciples of your Yi Yuan School are simply insane!” The short elder roared in an angry voice.

“I will kill all of you and bury you all along with my people!” The tall elder shouted.

“Bastards, you two old animals, you won’t dare to lay your hands on my Yi Yuan School disciples!” Another loud voice thundered. Both fat and thin elders released their terrifying auras and a murderous look appeared on their faces.

“You two old bastards are trying to cover for your Yi Yuan School disciples?” The tall elder furiously said.

“They massacred the disciples of our Zhang family, so I will kill them all and take revenge.” The tall elder said bitterly.

“Take a hike!” The thin elder shouted, “Zhang Quan, Zhang Ping, you two bastards, don’t you dare hurt my Yi Yuan School disciples!”

The tall elder Zhang Quan shouted: “I don’t care, I want them dead!”

“Get lost!” The fat elder shouted loudly and immediately rushed over to where Ye Xiwen and Ye Feng were standing and asked, “What on earth happened here?”

The fat elder did not expect that things would become this troublesome, although casualties were inevitable in a fierce competition like this, but Zhang disciples had been completely wiped out, which had totally shocked him. The strength of this year’s core disciples of Zhang family and Yi Yuan School was about the same. So, the complete destruction of one party at the hands of other was almost impossible.

“These Zhang bastards actually …”

The disciples of Yi Yuan School quickly talked at once and explained what happened in detail. As the fat elder was listening, his face suddenly became livid. The other three elders also heard, and suddenly, their complexions also became strange.

“So, your Zhang family is the reason behind all of this. You deliberately let a Xiantian master come in, what were you trying to do?” The thin elder snapped. “They actually dared to send a Xiantian master inside the Blood Yuan Territory, and also tried to ambush Yi Yuan School disciples, in order to seize all of the Blood Yuan fruits. Their crime is really unforgivable!”

The thin elder also had a lingering fear, because both elders Zhang Quan and Zhang Ping had become even more furious and it would be difficult to stop them from hurting the disciples if they used their full strengths.

“You will regret it.” Zhang Quan gritted his teeth and said, “You will pay the price.”

“What regret? This time, you should regret it because this matter is not over yet, and when the time comes, we will come for you and settle the score!” The fat elder sneered.

Suddenly, both elders Zhang Quan and Zhang Ping were aggrieved after learning about the heavy losses Zhang family had faced this time!

“This is your side of the story, because if we really had sneaked in a Xiantian master then all of you should be dead by now.” Zhang Ping quibbled, “Let me see!”

Zhang Ping instantly spread out his hand that was surrounded by the rapidly building lingqi which finally condensed into a giant hand, and instantly shot down towards Ye Xiwen.

Zhang Ping eyes flashed fiercely and were filled with killing intent, staring at Ye Xiwen.

“How dare you?” Both fat and thin elders yelled at once.

The giant hand had instantly come in front of Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen instantly took out the long blade from the scabbard on his back. His long blade shined brightly and a white Bladelight spread into the sky, then it took the form of a blade and chopped out towards Zhang Ping. (NT: Bladelight is said ‘Daoguang’)

“Boom!” A terrifying Bladelight and the great hand made up of lingqi severely collided in the air which filled the entire sky with starlight.

Zhang Ping suddenly screamed while holding his hand. A big deep wound had been cut open on his hand, and his blood had started to pour out, that looked like a spring of blood.

He had let his guard down for only an instant, but he had still been injured by Ye Xiwen’s Daoqi. Immediately, with a sinister look on his face, his eyes stared firmly at Ye Xiwen. However, he could clearly feel that Ye Xiwen was just a master of the Houtian realm, but how did his attack actually injure a great master of Xiantian realm? His Bladeqi clearly contained Xiantian Zhen Qi, but how could a Houtian realm master possess Xiantian Zhen Qi. And, his Xiantian Zhen Qi was also powerful enough to injure a senior Xiantian master.

But Ye Xiwen clearly was only a warrior of the Houtian realm.

Seeing that Ye Xiwen had taken advantage of Zhang Ping’s carelessness and had actually inured him, the thin elder suddenly laughed and said: “Zhang Ping, you old fool. You actually got injured by a junior from our Yi Yuan School. You are so pathetic!”

Zhang Ping bitterly looked at Ye Xiwen, but he knew not to attack again because both fat and thin elders had become cautious. He would probably have to face their thunder attacks if he tried to attack again, although all of the four elders had similar strengths, but Ye Xiwen was an anomaly because Zhang Ping had been unable to figure out the true depth of his strength. The presence of Ye Xiwen had shifted the balance of strength towards the Yi Yuan School’s side.

After this farce, the four elders didn’t doubt anymore and accepted that Ye Xiwen had killed a Xiantian master, but were also quite shocked, because it was truly unbelievable. How could a Xiantian master die at the hands of Ye Xiwen, who was only a master of the Houtian realm? But, Ye Xiwen had just showed his incredible prowess by catching off guard and injuring Zhang Ping. Not to mention, Zhang Ping was a superior Xiantian master compared to Liu Zhi.

At this time, Zhang Quan grinded his teeth and said: “Now, we know that Ye Xiwen has killed Liu Zhi, so we do not want anything else, as long as you hand over Ye Xiwen to us, we will not pursue this matter anymore.”

“Get lost!” The fat elder sneered and said, “This time, your people were the first to violate the regulations, and you want to punish a disciple of my Yi Yuan School? Don’t be so delusional! Just wait till we inform your ancestor about all this!”

“This time you have to hand over Ye Xiwen to us, otherwise our Zhang family won’t let you off, because Liu Zhi was the disciple of our Tianfeng Palace hall’s great elder!” Zhang Quan said.

“Did not you hear what I just said? They had dared to conspire for Blood Yuan fruit, hmph, they really were courting death.” The fat elder said.

At this time, the space inside the Blood Yuan Territory once again started to fluctuate.


(NT: I may or may not release chapter 62 and chapter 63 today)


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  1. Thanks for the second chapter

    And here I thought that Liu Zhi was a son of someone great, but merely a disciple, problem would be solved much easier lol

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    1. Ya never know. In these books with martial arts masters, sometimes disciples are as or even more important than family, if they are good enough.


  2. How hilarious. So yeah we are forced to admit we cheated and intended to wipe out your disciples. Anyways give us the guy who screwed us over because he killed the guy who was supposed to kill all of you. Thanks for the chapter.

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  3. let me first say that I’m really thankfull for the releases (both this and all those that came before…) but let me also move a little criticism here… I hope you don’t take offense in it and could see it as a costructive one…

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    1. i agree that i went silent for a week. And even after that, i have released 45 chapters in 43 days of activity. I was new at that time and my translation speed was super slow in the starting. Now, i follow a weekly release system. I may release one chapter on someday but i had released chapters 54-58 at once. So, while you criticize, think how many facts you are using to do that.
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      2. I got your point 🙂
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  4. Thanks for the chapters.

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  5. idk about you guys but this pace is fine by me… its not the-same as other good LN too you know? some even has 2 chap per week… while other trans like lms 1 chapter for ever… atleast they are not the-same japtems slow speed….just let the author find his rhythm why rush when he can maintain its pace and can just slowly build it up faster


  6. lol I find that you are similar to Ieatwatermelons from worldofwatermelons who is currently translating desolate era. He had the habit of promising chapters but didn’t fulfill them. You are also the same, maybe even a bit worse. why would you shamelessly keep on promising releases and say 3 chapters a day or such if you aren’t going to release them as per your promises.
    Just release in your own time instead of doing such stupid acts.


  7. this is my first time commenting
    all this time i’m only a silent reader but seeing your condition right now criticized by so many people i want to pust some words here
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    i am really afraid to see you drop this novel
    thanks for your good work till now and keep it up


  8. I kinda confuse with their logic ( I must kill you because you killed our peoples that try to kill you but they failed so I must revenge them and it was your fault because you defend yourself ) -_-


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