Martial God Space Chapter 50

(NT: I am so happy to release Chapter 50. I had planned to release Chapter 50 & 51 together with 48 & 49 as a grand release, but, thanks to exams, i couldn’t achieve my goal. Anyways, exams are over people, and it’s time for some action packed chapters 😉 )

Chapter 50 – It’s actually him?

Ye Xiwen’s speed was extremely fast and his maneuvers looked so elegant, it seemed as if a celestial being was taking a stroll through the mountains. He had already overtaken the third and fourth groups of Houtian eighth stage disciples.

And his speed was getting more and more fast, and in a moment, the second group came into his field of view. This group consisted of Houtian ninth stage disciples.

Those disciples in the second group, who were running with all their might, trying to catch up with the first group, suddenly heard a burst of rapid footsteps from behind. When they turned to look, they were surprised to find that Ye Xiwen was catching up with them at an astonishing speed.

But, before they could get some time to comprehend what was happening, Ye Xiwen’s figure quickly shuttled across them at an insane speed. The crowd had a stunned look on their faces as they saw Ye Xiwen’s blurred figure slowly disappear right in front of their eyes.

There was no doubt that these people were elite among the elites and their agility skill techniques were also practiced to a higher level. Most of them had practiced their agility techniques up to the ‘Xiaocheng’ realm. However, in the face of the mind boggling speed displayed by Ye Xiwen, it seemed as if they had not moved at all.

They simply couldn’t react and before they could, Ye Xiwen had already overtaken the second group and had completely disappeared from their sights. After that, Ye Xiwen began to chase after the first group, unhurried, while displaying a rhythmic elegant motion.

Although it was very obvious that this was a test of agility skills, but there were no scores involved in this test. So basically, there was no need to be impatient!

At this time has, Ye Xiwen had run up to the middle of the mountainside which was wrapped entirely by a dense fog and clouds. The visibility was so less that even the eyesight of a skilled martial arts practitioner like Ye Xiwen was limited only to a distance of ten meters. And, once someone got careless, they would definitely fall down, meeting a cruel death. Also, even if it was a master of the Houtian ninth stage, the chances of his survival would be zero.

Most people would choose to slow down in such a life threatening situation, but, Ye Xiwen was not afraid of it. Although, ‘Celestial Step’ was an agility technique and it also increased the speed of the practitioner dramatically! But, it was best suited for small-scale maneuvers like this. Also, Ye Xiwen had practiced “Celestial Step” to the ‘Dacheng’ realm,. So, how could he possibly fall down?

After a few jumps, he reached the corner of the mountain and from there, he directly jumped and drilled through the dense fog-shrouded mountainside area.

At this time, the first group was already faintly visible from the back, and the one running on the very back of this group was surprisingly Zhang Yuntian, who had challenged Ye Xiwen and lost pathetically.

Then the next were Yi Yuan School’s Qian Wanru, Wu Hao and Zhang family’s Zhang Wenxiao, Zhang Ziqiu and Zhang Guoqi, all in a sequence. They were all keeping their paces without slowing down or going faster. However, Zhang Yuntian had fallen behind them and his movements were also not smooth. It was obvious that this was the impact of the injuries he had got in his fight with Ye Xiwen.

Zhang Yuntian heard footsteps from behind and felt a little strange. He turned his head to look but what he saw made him completely shocked: “It’s actually you, Ye Xiwen!”

Before, he had been paying attention to Ye Xiwen, but, just after the start of race, he had discovered that Ye Xiwen had been left far behind and had simply disappeared. He did not care, although he had personal hatred for Ye Xiwen, but right now, he just wanted to concentrate on the race. Being one of the top core disciples from Zhang family, he had a status to maintain. Also, Ye Xiwen was now one of the top disciples from Yi Yuan School and he didn’t want to cause problems right from the beginning of the exam.

But he would never have thought that Ye Xiwen would actually catch up with the first group.

‘How could he be so fast?’ When Ye Xiwen came closer, Zhang Yuntian took a closer look at his elegant maneuvers and his heart was suddenly taken aback. He always thought that the most impressive skill that Ye Xiwen possessed was his blade skill. From his perspective, Ye Xiwen’s blade skill was accurate, decisive, extremely gorgeous, and it could be said that Ye Xiwen was the best blade user in the younger generation of both the schools.

But, he had not expected that Ye Xiwen’s agility skill would also be so terrifying. He knew that his own agility was an intermediate level technique which he had practiced to the ‘Dacheng’ level. And Ye Xiwen was not even a Houtian ninth stage master so how could he possess such an astonishing speed.

By now, he had realized that his own speed was nowhere close to Ye Xiwen’s speed, and not just that, Ye Xiwen’s agility skill was also superior to his own agility skill. However, he knew very well that no matter how superior an agility skill actually was, it was still necessary for the practitioner to practice it to a very profound level in order to attain this level of astonishing speed.

While his mind was in a confused state, Ye Xiwen had already caught up with him. In a flash, he had already reached the front part of the first group.

By this time, they all had been close to the top of the hill and Ye Xiwen was finally able to see the figure of those several top disciples and running in the first place was unexpectedly his elder brother, Ye Feng.

Ye Feng was leading the race, and it seemed as if he was flying up the mountain using his extraordinary agility skills, followed by the two disciples of Zhang family, Zhang Jingxin and Zhang Wu. Right behind them was another disciple from Yi Yuan School, Zhang Yang, and finally at the last place was a disciple of Zhang family, Zhang Yuelian.

Ye Feng suddenly rushed half a step and became the first person to reach the summit.

Four elders were standing at the summit, waiting for the arrival of disciples and from their faces, it could be seen that they themselves were very curious to find out about the winner of this race.

Seeing that the first one to arrive was Ye Feng, both fat and thin elders had a smile on their faces. Apparently, they were quite satisfied with this outcome. However, the faces of the two Zhang elders had a slightly sunken look.

Only a single step behind Ye Feng, the second person to arrive was Zhang Jingxin who had only missed Ye Fang by half a body distance. Similarly, Zhang Wu also reached the summit falling behind Zhang Jingxin by half a body distance and Zhang Yang got the fourth place. (NT: Zhang Yang is actually a top disciple from Yi Yuan School, so 1st and 4th ranks belonged to Yi Yuan School now)

And with this, Yi Yuan School’s fame had also reached the summit. From the first group of top disciples, only Zhang Yuelian did not come in. He was about to reach the summit with few other disciples behind him, but suddenly, a figure like a lightning, instantly overtook Zhang Yuelian and reached the summit.

“It’s you!”

“Third Brother, you are awesome!”

. . . . . .

This person was actually Ye Xiwen, and this had caused a lot of people to call out in alarm! It was not because they had not noted him. It was because they had paid attention to him from the very beginning. After he had defeated Zhang Yuntian, they had all got wary of his existence and had also labeled him as a strong enemy. When the race had started, Ye Xiwen had fallen behind and was literally the last person in the race. If he had started running at the same time as others, then his rank would definitely not be fifth.

Especially, the complexion of the Zhang disciples was somewhat unsightly. They all knew that if Ye Xiwen had not dawdled in the beginning of the race, then going by his astonishing speed and agility skill, he would definitely have scored a first or second rank in this race and then first two ranks might have gone to the Yi Yuan School.

However, no one continued to think this race matter for too long, because, their main motive was not a race, but, the competition at Blood Yuan Territory. Immediately, everyone began to meditating to restore the Zhen Qi that had been consumed while running all the way up to the summit.


(NT: Please point out any mistakes if & when you find out . I was half-asleep while editing this chapter. Your corrections will help the readers in the future)

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  1. what if ye feng was not the first, but road runner instead :O -beep beep, beep beep- *insert looney tunes theme song here*


  2. But, he had not expected that Ye Xiwen’s agility skill would also be so terrible.

    I think you should change terrible to terrifying

    But, he had not expected that Ye Xiwen’s agility skill would also be so terrifying.


      1. Terrible means it’s bad, terrifying means it’s good. In this case, they are saying his skills are good. Not bad.
        太可怕了 means “too terrifying” or “too frightening”.
        How? Separate it into “太” and “可怕了”.
        Therefore, I3omb is correct.


      2. I’m big on these things if the meaning is changed, but w/e. People will make the correction in their heads. So, how’s the novel translation faring? Still have time for CD, ST (sadly on hiatus), DE, DD, SYWZ, ISSH, ATG, and BTTH?


  3. “sufficient enough” feels redundant

    “totally disappeared” i think completely would be better since totally feels informal?

    “he could he possibly fall down?” extra he at beginning

    “he reached the corner of the mountain, from where, he” i think you meant from there

    “He was about to reach the summit with few other disciples behind him but suddenly, a figure like a lightning instantly overtook Zhang Yuelian and reached the summit”
    And reached the summit is redundant since you already mentioned about to reach summit at the beginning.

    Hope this helps, thank you for your translation 🙂 im Chinese but i spent most of my life in the U.S, so sadlyi can’t read chinese…


    1. Thanks for the suggestions.
      And in this—> He was about to reach the summit with few other disciples behind him but suddenly, a figure like a lightning instantly overtook Zhang Yuelian and reached the summit”

      ‘He’ signifies Zhang Yuelian.
      Ye Xiwen, like a lightning, instantly overtook Zhang Yuelian and reached he summit before Zhang Yuelian.


  4. I’m surprised not much emphasis is mentioned on learning agility techniques. They are core skills for escaping and fighting. You can’t kill what you can’t hit right?
    Thanks for the chapter.


  5. Thanks a lot!
    Hm—?well, this isn’t that important, but he should definitely rank within top 5 or top 10 at least. Well, time for the actual competition?!-trembles in excitement-


  6. Looks like the “Grand release” is not happening after all.

    I am fine without chapters and all, but you could at least put up a post stating that there won’t be any.

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    1. Okay… well I agree that it can be a bit irritating to think that there is going to be a release today and it turns out there is not one, and the translator stays silent and does not say anything.

      But ya know, shit happens.

      Anyway thank you for the translation and editing!


    2. Who said the Grand release is not happening today? It will happen today, but i think my time zone is very different from yours. Because, right now, the time here is 11:00AM of Saturday. Its just morning here so why should i put up a post informing you guys that i am not releasing chapters, when i am actually going to?
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      Also, you don’t need to wait for the releases. You can just follow the blog and whenever there is a release, you will receive a mail. Then you won’t need to check back repeatedly.


      1. Oh shit, I better fallow then!

        Thank you for all of the hard work and effort you put into this.

        If it were not for you I would never in my life (Unless someone else translated it but I doubt they would) been able to read this.

        I truly enjoy reading this, it is one of the highlights of my night, when I sit in the darkness, listen to some music and read the chapters you have translated.

        Anyway I just wanted to let you know that we all greatly appreciate the effort you put into translating and editing!

        We all love you! (even the assholes, although they won’t admit it)


  7. Thanks for chapters the wait for the Grand Release is torture!! I can endure and I will wait.
    Can’t wait for the update!
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  8. No no no, keep doing announcements. Ignore the ungrateful bastards who keep pestering you for updates. People forget that,
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    If they’re so desperate, why don’t they just do something else to kill time? Go outside or something you lazy cunts.
    Anyways, many thanks NT, I really like this story as it’s a better variant of Xian Ni since Xian Ni’s MC was a bitch.


  9. Oh, btw, would you mind if I PR’ed for you? I can proudly say that my English skills can be considered second-to-none. I PR as I read, but since I’m lazy, I never comment the corrections, so if you did need a PR, I would appreciate it if you could do it over Google Docs and give me semi-admin access so that I could suggest changes to you and me, you and your editor (if there is one, I was thinking it’d be thatguyswhosthere) can go over them in detail. Anyways, contact me on if you ever do need a PR.
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