Queue for additional Chapter 36 is now open!

  • The Queue for the additional Chapter 36 is now open. It will stay open for the next two days.

  • Once the queue gets completed, i will update it in the announcement corner!

  • I will release this additional Chapter 36 along with the normal release of Chapter 35

  • In the end, i would like to thank all those who have contributed towards the additional release of Chapter 32 and Chapter 34 and everyone else for your ‘Thank Yous’

  • Although it is hectic for me to release two chapters in one day while attending the college at the same time but once promised, i will keep my words! Once the queue is complete for any additional release, i will definitely release two chapters no matter what ­čśÇ

  • Thanks everyone for visiting my blog and reading MGS everyday.



11 thoughts on “Queue for additional Chapter 36 is now open!

      1. If it is not a chapter, I won’t read it!

        *Just kidding, I will read it anyway because I want to be up to date with the info’s and stuffs.*

        *That and reading updates is a door to the mind of a translator~*

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  1. Thank you to all the people donating, I would but I cannot afford sadly.

    Thank you to the translator and editor (if he has one) for all the hard work.


    1. Your ‘thank you’ counts a lot as well.
      Thanks to all the comments and appreciation i get from you guys, i was able to come so far and i still have to cover a hell lot of distance ­čÖé
      For now, I am both the translator & editor .


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