Frequently Asked Questions

Well i will create a FAQ page later but for now, i am gonna answer some of the questions raised so far:-

Q1. Is there any romance present in this novel? {I know guys, this is the most important FAQ ­čśë } [SPOILER ALERT!!]

Ans: Ahem! Well she is gonna make an appearance in chapter 41 so have patience romeos ­čśŤ

Q2. What is your schedule?

Ans: I don’t have one but i will try to release at least one chapter everyday.

Q3. Whats up with the donations?

Ans: You can support me by donating because your donations will work towards additional releases  ,i.e after the minimum donation amount of $25 is met, i will release two chapters within 24 hours which will include a normal release+additional release.

Since it is physically impossible for me to translate more than two chapters in one day so please do not expect three releases on the same day.

If the donated amount is more than the minimum donation amount of $25┬á then that will ensure a normal release+one additional release as usual and the extra amount will work towards the next day’s additional release only. And fresh queue for the subsequent chapters will start only after the release of promised chapters.

Q4. Where is that widget which shows donation progress?

Ans: Its not available for users so i will try to constantly update the donation amount. If donation amount is not visible on the site then that means the queue has not yet started. Also if you want to be an anonymous donator then you can mail me and inform about it.

Q5. How can i contact you?

Ans: You can mail me on

Q6. Are you gonna take up new projects in the near future?

Ans: Looking at the size of MGS, i don’t think i can take up new projects in the near future.

Q7. Is Ye Xiwen very similar/dissimilar to Chu Feng from MGA?

Ans: Both are different and similar at times and comparing them can be difficult. Just wait and the story itself will answer this question.

Q8. Why is the background for this site black?

Ans: I like black and white combo. White font on black background gives a very Yin-Yang kinda feel don’t you think? xD

Q9. Are you gonna translate this novel all the way to the end?

Ans: Yes! I will translate this novel all the way to the very end, period!

Q10. You disappeared for a week, where were you?

Ans: My summer holidays had ended and i was busy with the new college semester and stuff. This was a temporary problem so no need to worry about lagging translations. I am already working on compensating for the lost time.

Q11. Are you the only guy translating chapters on this site?

Ans: Yes! I am the only guy translating the chapters here and no one else, NT.


9 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Argh you spoiled, now we know exactly when his great love appears, willing to bet she’s from a powerful family or she’s not, they get together and she dies. 1 of those 2 scenarios 99% probability going to happen.


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